Resume Formatting Services

Resume Formatting Services

The document required to know the details of an individual personnel during the hiring process is called resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae). It has been noticed that hiring agencies or recruitment companies nowadays are looking for professionals. It helps them to get the non-core work like resume formatting done by outsourcing companies so that they can save a lot on the budget. Spending the valuable time on other important business operations will get you high efficiency and quality in your work. Outsourcing CV Formatting services to our company will get your resumes formatted in the most stylish and visually appealing manner. It helps your firm to get the detailed information on the candidates that are applying for the specific positions. Avail the benefits of our cost affordable resumes or CV formatting services at Om Data Entry India.

Our Resume Formatting Services are Listed Below

As a professional resume formatting services provider company, we are experienced in various styles and layouts for resume formatting work and we serve you the below services:

  • Visual Formatting Effects
  • Sentence Structuring
  • Document Realignment
  • Improvising the Phrases
  • Margin Corrections in CV
  • Highlighting Specific Details
  • Editing of Headers and Footers
  • Standardizing Font Styles and Sizes
  • Typesetting of Resumes
  • Restructuring Resumes
  • Layout Design for Resumes

Outsourcing gets your CV Formatting Work at your Doorstep!

We have been serving the industry for five years and have served superior quality results to our global clients. It has given us an immense knowledge and experience by accomplishing such projects we can solve the critical formatting queries and give you the world class quality results within the stipulated time frames. If you want to get a partner to do your non-core activities like resume formatting it is the simplest way to outsource the same at Om Data Entry India and get out professional experts help to perform your resume or CV formatting task. Outsource resume formatting work and stop investing in the infrastructure and hiring staff process inside the company to save on your budget up to 60%, you can utilize the same in other sources and be at the edge of the competition.

Steps We Follow for Outsourcing CV Formatting Services


We receive the details of the project as well as the format and layout for your resumes to be processed and formatted. Our experts suggest you the best as per your requirements.


As per the approved format and layouts, our team of experienced professionals performs the task of resume or CV formatting in the given time frames with high accuracy.


There are no chances for error, but we ensure the zero error with our extreme quality check methodologies to get you error free resume formatting work.


In the final step, we cross check all the details and send you the final files with the help of our secured FTP servers or as per your convenient medium.


As we believe in long term relations with our clients, we do get a feedback for our work and also try to make changes if required as per the suggestions.

Why to Outsource Resume Formatting Services in India?

If you outsource the resume formatting services to our company, we will cater you with standard quality results that meet your desired goals and give you the best resume formatting work for your company. It is quite easy to spend a minimum amount of time and money by outsourcing the same work in India and get the benefits of faster delivery of outputs offered by outsourcing companies based in India. There are various industries that have piles of resumes/CV’s entering the company on a daily basis and with no time to separate them all according to their specifications, so outsourcing is the best possible solution to get the work done by professional experts.

Avail Benefits of CV Formatting Services at Om Data Entry India

  • High quality and high accuracy results are offered by experts.
  • Experienced team with knowledge of advanced tools and technology.
  • Sophisticated technology is used to get your work done with high efficiency.
  • High data security and confidentiality of your business data is available.
  • Quick delivery of outputs to meet your completion dates.
  • Get the free trial run to check the quality of our work.

Om Data Entry India is a trusted and reliable outsourcing partner company in India, to know more about our services, feel free to contact us and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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