Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim Transcription Services

Transcription is important in various business part and other industries as it includes the conversion of audio or video files in the written documents. Verbatim is a form of transcription that covers each and every word uttered during the conversation or speeches like uhmm and ahh’s or ok, yeah, fine etc. that are not present for any meaning or purpose, but in legal hearings it required to have a verbatim transcription for the future references. Also, the work is done within the given timelines and with the utmost quality of transcription.

Outsource of the verbatim transcription to expert’s can help you to get the best quality results at very affordable rates. If you want to get your legal audio and video files to be transcribed, it is better to outsource the work to an India based outsourcing service provider company that can save you on money and efforts. As, a professional transcribers the data are kept highly confidential and secured. In the education industry, the lectures or conferences or interviews are also transcribed through verbatim transcription for better understanding. So, outsource the verbatim transcription work today and get relief from the tedious work.

Our Verbatim Transcription Services Offers

Om Data Entry India has a wide range of high quality outsourcing services of transcription. The expertise and experience in the transcription work give the excellent results and offer the cost effective services with high quality and accuracy. We have verbatim transcription services as follows:

  • Word to word verbatim
  • Intellectual verbatim

We have a strong team of quality check that keep your transcription error free and keep the data highly safe and secured, Outsourcing the verbatim transcription work will benefit your business as the operating costs are reduced.

Needs to Outsource Verbatim Transcription Services

When you outsource the verbatim transcription services to an India based outsourcing transcription service provider company, you are able to get best quality transcription work at very cost effective prices. The most important thing is that you will get the transcription done within the stipulated time frames. The need for every legal transcription is to outsource the verbatim transcription as legal recordings are used in the hearing and in courts it can also be used as important evidences and proof.

The outsourcing of transcription helps to get the most accurate results with low rates. It includes the use of latest tools and advanced technology to get the efficient results. Also, you can work on other important tasks and not to do any further tedious transcripts. The main reason to outsource verbatim transcription service is to save on the operational costs and resources. The data are kept very secure and safe with the help of our highly secured FTP server and we also have stringent security terms to keep your data confidential.

Solutions Offered at Om Data Entry India as Your Outsourcing Partner

  • We have a strong team of skilled transcribers that are working every day to improve to the efficiency of transcribing and give the world class quality of transcription services.
  • The fast turnaround time at Om Data Entry India is giving the clients on time results to be at the edge of the competition.
  • When you outsource the transcription services to our company, we assure you to give high quality results and accurate transcribing work.
  • If you have any query regarding our transcription services, we have a customer support team that is working around the clock to solve your queries.
  • Our high end security systems are used to keep your data confidential and safe as we are having secure FTP server to transfer your data.
  • We have proficient transcribers who have deep knowledge and expertise of advanced tools and technologies used for transcribing efficiently.
  • As every business is different and has its own requirements, we offer customized solutions for all types of transcription services that match up with your business needs.

Om Data Entry India is a leading outsourcing transcription services provider company that offers a free trial run to check the quality of our services. Our professionals are always ready to cater you with desired results. You can get in touch with us to know further about our outsourcing services of data entry and transcription work.

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