CD/DVD Transcription Services

CD/DVD Transcription Services

Are you looking for audio/ video records to be transcribed in the form of CD or DVD? Are you having large audio data to be transcribed at low costs? Om Data Entry India is an India based outsourcing transcription services Provider Company and is there to offer you best quality CD and DVD transcription services. If you are having tapes, cassettes or CDs and DVDs to transcribe, we are your destination point for all kind of transcription services. Outsource CD transcription and DVD transcription services to our expert verbatim to avail the benefits of our latest tools and software available at cost effective prices. Outsourcing will allow you to focus on the core business operations and will also save a lot on time and money. Get a quote today for CD/ DVD transcription services.

Our CD/DVD Transcription Services Inclusions


In the CD or DVD form, the audio files are transcribed with high quality and high accuracy by the help of professional transcribers and are offered within the given time frames.


The video transcription of CD or DVD form is available at affordable prices and accurate results by our verbatim at Om Data Entry India.

Why Outsource CD/DVD Transcription Services?

As a business, you must be having various audio and video files created on daily basis for seminars, board meetings, group discussions, conferences, interviews, lectures, etc. and all the data is to be recorded for the future references, but the data is not in the documentation form. Thus, outsourcing CD/ DVD transcription services will give you access to the audio or video data recorded in the desired format without hiring the professional transcribers in-house.

Outsourcing transcription services will get you access to the experts and experienced team of transcribers for all your CD and DVD transcriptions. The formats available are mp3, mp4, wav, au, raw, aiff, etc. as per your requirements; we will transcribe the file for you. Outsourcing will give you core competence as the time and resources of your company will be utilized in core business operations. Om Data Entry India serving industries such as real estate, education, architecture, engineering, food, medical, legal, etc. for the CD/ DVD transcription services since five years and is known for the faster delivery results with high quality.

Features of Outsourcing CD/ DVD Transcription Services

  • Specialized experts are available for transcribing your audio/ video files from CD and DVD transcriptions.
  • There is no need to hire transcribers in company and manage them or train them.
  • Outsourcing will get you tailored solutions for all your transcription requirements.
  • The various formats are available and the files can be converted in the desired formats as and when needed.
  • The efficient results are delivered by verbatim within the stipulated time frames.
  • The outsourcing services are available at very affordable costs which save on the budget.
  • Advanced tools and infrastructure available for all kind of transcription services.

Features of Outsourcing CD/ DVD Transcription Services

  • Highly skilled and experienced team of the professional transcribers.
  • Cost effective services available in a wide range of transcription work.
  • Experts are skilled to give fast turnaround time within given time frames.
  • High quality outputs are offered by dedicated customer support team.
  • The latest technology and proven methods are use for reliable results.
  • High security of your data through the confidentiality contracts with clients and employees.
  • Comprehensive solutions are available 24*7 to suit your business requirements.

We offer a free trial run of our services for the quality check and trust of our team. Get a quote today and choose our company your only trusted outsourcing partner.


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