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We provide you superior quality resume typing services for all resume types, with proper formatting to ensure you get maximum productive results with budgeted resources.

Resume & CV Typing Services at $4/Hour!

As a recruitment or HR company, are you looking for resume typists at a cost effective price? India is having a large pool of talented professionals that perform resume typing work and deliver quality driven results. There are piles of resumes that enter in the recruitment agencies on a daily basis, it is crucial to get the data handy which makes it easier to find the appropriate candidate for the selection process. If you do the resume typing work on your own, it will get difficult to manage core operations resourcefully. Outsourcing to an India based resume typing services company will lead you to effective and visually appealing resumes for your business.

Om Data Entry India is your perfect outsourcing partner for all types of resume typing requirements. Resume typing services delivered by professional typists are standard and precise. It gives you access to professionals for performing your resume typing work with the best technologies equipped at our company. Our expert typists will set your resumes apart from the other recruitment companies. Resume typing services offered at Om Data Entry India will get you the perfect position in your job and the right most candidates will be hired in the job providing agencies and HR companies. Avail the benefits of our competitive prices and reliable resume typing services today!

Our Resume Typing Services Inclusions

In Om Data Entry India, we offer a vast range of superior quality resume typing solutions for adding a professional touch to your resumes and converting them into attractive look as follows:

  • Headers and footers editing
  • Checking typing errors
  • Edit of font and font size
  • Resume data typing
  • Correcting syntax errors
  • Resume data verification
  • Bio data typing
  • Experience letter typing
  • Cover letter typing
  • Managing tables and graphs
  • Making sentence corrections
  • Conceptualizing the content, etc.

If you require any customized resume typing results other than the list, just let our customer support team know and we will handle the rest of it with our tailored solutions.

Process of Outsourcing Resume Typing Service

Our company has designed a systematic process of outsourcing resume typing services to our professionals for reliable and quality oriented results.

Get Free Trial Run -

Our experts will give you resume typing results of your sample project work before the commencement of final project to check the quality of our work we talk about.

Project Approval Confirm -

If you accept the services offered by our professionals in the sample project, we will get your approval for the final project with all the terms and conditions mentioned.

Receive the Data -

The data to be typed from the printed form of resumes and other necessary information is collected by our team for typing work through secure networks.

Perform Resume Typing -

In the given time frames, we perform best quality resume typing work with high accuracy and precision as per desired format.

Make Corrections -

In order to give you error free resumes, we perform rigorous quality check rounds to rectify the minute mistakes in resume typing work.

Send Final Resumes -

Once the process is complete, we send you the final typed resumes as per your defined layouts, style and size of fonts, etc. via the secured file transfer servers.

If you have any queries regarding our process or want to know more details, feel free to contact us anytime and we will be at your assistance.

Major Benefits of Outsourcing Resume Typing Services

India based outsourcing resume typing companies are well known in various countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, etc. for their dedicated services offered at cost effective prices. There are many industries in need of proficient resume typing services apart from recruitment agencies, HR departments, such as educational institutes, multinational companies, etc. Outsourcing resume typing services will free your company resources from mundane and time consuming work and experts will give more reliable results for your resume typing. It is observed that money, time and resources are effectively saved by outsourcing to India based company.

Hire Professional Resume Typists at Indian Outsourcing Company

  • Resumes are typed by professional experts which results in visually attractive and professional resumes.
  • Focus more on core business to plan the management strategies while outsourcing non-core operations to us.
  • There is no need to manage resumes in paper form as they are stored in the database with more convenience to access.
  • It requires no extra resources or infrastructure facilities in your company, if you outsource data typing solutions.
  • The typing work done by experts is delivered within the given time ranges for high core competence.
  • Outsourcing typing work will give you choice from a wide range of styles and formats for your resumes.
  • Advanced tools and methods used for typing will save your time and can be used for other operations.
  • Customized solutions are also offered here to meet your entire resume typing business requirements.
  • You can also get virtual assistance for your resume typing work if you choose Om Data Entry India as your outsourcing partner. As you need not to invest in your company for business expansion, we are just a click away to serve you with all your typing requirements at affordable prices.

Why to Choose Om Data Entry India for Resume Typing Service?

  • Best-in-class quality results with 99.9% accuracy proved.
  • Experts having deep knowledge and expertise of typing work are hired by our company.
  • Cost effective prices for typing services are available to suit your outsourcing budget.
  • Faster delivery of outputs provided by professional resume typist team.
  • Working on bulk volumes of resume typing work with flexible staffing method.
  • Stringent data security systems are equipped for your business data confidentiality.
  • Latest tools, methods and best infrastructure are available in Om Data Entry India.
  • Customer support team is ready to solve your queries regardless of time zone.
  • We offer comprehensive solutions for your business requirements at affordable rates.
  • Free Trial Run:

    We offer a free trial run to check the quality of our resume typing services before starting your final project. We give you results within 48 hours for your sample project. If you have any questions regarding our sample trial, you can contact us anytime with your resume typing requirements.

The customer support team at Om Data Entry India will get in touch with you within 24 hours for all your outsourcing service queries to be solved. Contact us today and get a quote of our superior resume typing services!

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