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Audio Transcription Services

Transcription is the conversion of audio files into text ones. This format conversion solves many issues regarding record maintenance and future reference data. Many organizations want their conference calls, seminars, employee meets, telecalls, etc., to be transcribed to understand the workflow of all these activities and make strategic changes accordingly. Outsourcing audio transcription services will help you in focusing more on the core business while your extended team performs transcription for you.

Om Data Entry India is a renowned transcription outsourcing company staffed with expert transcribers and equipped with the latest tools and technology. Promising solutions await you here under the hands of our competent team who has served global clientele from various nations like the UK, UAE, USA, Canada, Australia, etc., in various industries like education, e-commerce, real estate, medical, financial sector, etc. Our tailored solutions will solve all your transcription queries and doubts with timely delivery. Get beneficial outsourcing services at pocket-friendly prices and race through this cutthroat competition to the top.

Our Professional Audio Transcription Service Inclusions

For every different business, we are greatly adaptable and can serve several verticals and their desired results with equal competence and quality. Here are the various audio transcription solutions for you to choose from:

  • Music transcription
  • Radio show transcription
  • Information transcription
  • WMA transcription
  • News and talk show transcription
  • WMA transcription
  • News and talk show transcription
  • Timestamp
  • Verbatim transcription

The list does not limit our skills and you can freely ask for any other customized solutions such as dictation transcription services, voice transcription services , etc., at Om Data Entry India by our skills expert. We will revert to you with the best possible results.

Here is How We Perform the Audio Transcription Projects

Every service follows a strict set of procedures to reach the highest level of accuracy and eminence. Om Data Entry India follows such a workflow for our audio transcription service as follows:

Receiving the Project -

After the approval of the free trial run, you send us the project details and other required data via email or another medium.

Understanding the Needs -

Our team then analyses the project requirements and chooses the best method and tools for the same.

Transcribing the Audio -

With proper technique, our professional transcribers start the audio transcription with minimum errors and speedy results.

Quality Control -

The transcribed files are sent to the QC team to rectify any minute errors and create seamless final results.

Sending Final File -

The project manager approves the final file and delivers it in the required format via secured data transfer methods.

Choose India as Your Best Outsourcing Hotspot

Transcription requires the perfect blend of precision and speed to achieve excellent results. India is the growing hub of expert transcribers improving their skills with each new project. You can find versatility and flexibility in the working styles of this young talent as per the project requirements. Indian outsourcing service providers are staffed with such personnel and thus can cater only to the best solutions for your audio transcription requirements. Choosing the perfect outsourcing partner is not as easy as it seems. But, it can be made easy by understanding your company’s requirements and details before deciding which package would suit you the best.

Om Data Entry India is an India-based audio transcription company offering quality-oriented results within shorter time frames. Outsourcing to us will reduce your workload and let you concentrate more on the core business operations. This will also enhance your resources’ work potential and eventually lead you to success sooner. Transcription is performed so that you can keep a track of your audio files and index them as per your business needs. Outsourcing in India is the easiest way to get the job done with budgeted solutions.

Why Om Data Entry India?

We offer numerous reasons to choose us for your audio transcription services:

  • Our workspace is equipped with the latest tech and state-of-the-art equipment used for high-end transcription work.
  • We are known for our quality-driven solutions and 99.9% accurate results for our global clientele.
  • Our stringent quality control measures to remove any minor mistakes that may have occurred during audio transcription work.
  • Our flexible staffing methods allow us to complete even bulk volume projects before the deadlines.
  • You do not have to worry about your pocket as we offer very cost-effective rates for all our transcription services.
  • Tailored solutions that match up to your business needs, await you here at Om Data Entry India with our creative team.
  • We value your business data and ensure that security and confidentiality are in place with our secured FTP servers and NDAs.

Try our Free Trial Run and be the judge of our transcription services and workflow. Contact our customer support team to know more. Get the perfect quote for your audio transcription services today!

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