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Social Media Listening/Monitoring Services

Social media listening is the process of monitoring social media channels for any customer feedback and direct mentions of brands or discussions regarding specific keywords, topics, competitors, or industries, followed by an analysis to gain insights and act on those opportunities. Social media listening or monitoring is all about listening to what’s going on the Web, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogs, and numerous other social media hubs on the web. On the other hand, social media research refers to the process of understanding and improving the perception of your brand online, comparing your presence to a competitor, or attracting new audiences through understanding the trends and discussions within your category. In social listening or monitoring, you can create the kind of content as per the follower’s need, come up with new ideas based on industry trends, improve your customer experience by interacting directly with customers, and continuously shift your customer strategy to fit the current need.

Nowadays, social media listening or monitoring can serve as an excellent supplement to traditional market research information. Due to this reason, we offer social media monitoring services to our clients. Om Data Entry India is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company based in India, that provides social media listening/monitoring and research services at the most affordable prices with the highest quality outcome. We at Om Data Entry India, utilize either free tools, fee-based services, or a combination of both as per the requirement of our client. With the help of our social media listening and research services, we can assist you to get information about what is being said about your brand, the number of times it is being mentioned on social media sites, customer feedback, trending topics, and many more. Our professional can provide you with necessary insights into customer behavior so that you can improve your business and brand communication efforts, and strengthen your relationship with the target audience. You can experience better conversion with an appropriate website, which also tends to increase your bottom line.

As a leading and reliable outsourcing company in India, our professional team has a deep understanding of Google Analytics and other web research software to provide you with top-notch quality outcomes with accuracy and transparency. Om Data Entry India draws from 7+ years of experience in data collection, social media listening or monitoring, social media research, and data analysis assisting many companies from the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, New Zealand, etc., in various industries like real estate, legal, education, medical, research, eCommerce, etc., around the globe, in order to optimize business processes in an intelligent way.

A Wide Range of Our Social Media Listening/Monitoring and Research Services

In order to resolve business-critical questions about the consumer's online experience and to provide insights into the major factors determining non-linear customer journey patterns, we at Om Data Entry India offer social media listening and research services with top-notch quality outcomes. To do this, we combine our in-depth subject knowledge in monitoring or listening research, and analytics with machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and intelligent hyper-automation. Here are our major solutions for social media listening/monitoring and research services:

Social Media Analytics -

Social media analytics services refer to the process of collecting data from social media networks and gaining insights in order to improve the marketing activities of a business with the use of technologies such as data mining, data analytics, and big data. The important feature of social media analytics services is the ability to improve efficiency within the marketing team. In order to improve the performance of your site, we provide you with web analytics services. You can experience better conversion with an appropriate website, which also tends to increase your bottom line.

Social and Web Reporting -

Social reporting is defined as reporting of some meaningful, definable domain of business activities that have a social impact. Web reporting is presenting data in an actionable format via the web. The solution provides a holistic view of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of social media and websites. Moreover, it provides assistance to business users to make real-time decisions and effective marketing interventions. As a leading outsourcing company, we provide monthly support for managing the analytics property and help in customizing reporting as per the need.

Social Sentiment Analysis -

Sentiment analysis is the process of classifying whether a block of text is positive, negative, or, neutral. It is the contextual mining of words that indicates the social sentiment of a brand and also helps the business to determine whether the product they are manufacturing is going to make a demand in the market or not. Sentiment analysis tries to gain is to analyze people’s opinions in a way that can help businesses expand. At Om Data Entry India, our expert team analyses the sentiments of each and every social media post on a daily basis which helps you to understand exactly how people feel about your brand. With the help of this sentiment analysis, you can improve the engagement of your customers.

Social Media Insights -

Social media research is the process of analyzing social media data to conduct quantitative research in order to understand how audiences or followers are connected to the topics, by using tools and data extraction techniques. In a similar way, social media insights can help you analyze which social channels work best for you and why. It considers the traffic, engagement, sales, and many more which help you in making an informed decision for business growth. We at Om Data Entry India will bring out insights through the research process to assist you to make decisions that improve the brand health, and customer experience on social channels.

Importance of Social Media Listening/Monitoring and Research Services

Social media is now a significant component of digital marketing. You can’t develop your social listening or monitoring strategy if you don’t have social listening or monitoring services, which means leaving lots of valuable information and insights on the table. When you’re not listening to what others have to say about you, it’s hard to do better and improve in the ways that your most ardent brand supporters want. Social media research and analysis are necessary since social media is becoming a more important marketing channel. All these can help you understand user behavior and demographic information at a more profound level than Google Analytics ever could. Following are some values of social listening or monitoring and research services:

  • Digital marketers may examine how customers react to their goods and services by referring to their comments and the number of followers on each platform.
  • Tools, i.e., applications used in social media research and analysis that centralize all functions.
  • You may anticipate a mass stream of followers if you consistently post content on social media platforms.
  • With the help of social media monitoring or listening and research, you can determine precisely what content works and what material doesn't, and you can increase the productivity and success of your content strategy.
  • Among other things, we can use social listening or monitoring to understand public misconceptions and determine when, if, and how to respond to possible emergencies.
  • You can quickly determine what makes anything worthwhile sharing by examining the post that received the most attention. Using the data, you may determine which platforms require your critical intervention and which don't.

Get Benefited from Outsourcing Social Media Listening/Monitoring and Research Services at Om Data Entry India

As a leading outsourcing company in India, we believe in commitment and long-term business relationships with clients; thus, we offer a wide range of services at the most affordable prices with the best quality results. Here are some of the advantages of social media listening or monitoring and research services at Om Data Entry India:

  • Our expert team starts the process of research by collaborating with you to understand your business requirements and business objectives, which include an analysis of your website and mobile app functionality, site structure, databases, etc. A clear understanding of your business needs will help us to solve the issue with high-quality outcomes.
  • A clear understanding of your business needs helps us to achieve the desired goal of your business. We also help you choose the key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate your progress toward achieving the defined business goals.
  • Our expert team helps you identify a suitable tool that supports tracking your KPIs, custom events, custom dimensions, etc., and also evaluates if your existing research and analytics tool can be reconfigured to meet your specific needs.
  • During the monitoring and research process, we set up and configure custom events, goals, custom dashboards, custom profiles, advanced segments, etc. to enhance the value of insights you gain from the process of research.
  • After implementation, our expert team verifies if the research tracking implemented is working properly and if the data collected is accurate. This will assure you of a reliable database for your business decisions.
  • The monitoring and research process and custom reports we make, will give you the best quality outcome as per your requirement by maintaining high data security and accuracy.

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