Jewellery Photo Retouching Services

Jewellery defines itself as a piece of attraction and its photographs must be appealing as well. It often bothers the photographers and jewellery vendors that the images of various ornaments don’t match up to the standards that lure the onlookers. The reason is that during photo shoots, dust and reflections ruin the original shine and glamour from your jewellery piece. This can only be removed using latest Photoshop tools and software. jewellery photo editing services help you to improve your images without a lot of trouble.

Om Data Entry India possesses a competent team of photo editors and has been satisfying jewellers, photographers, jewellery magazine publishers, catalogue/ brochures publishers and even individuals with our high-end jewellery retouching services. We use the updated versions of Photoshop and Lightroom applications to take benefit of all the editing options available. Our cost-effective rates make our services more efficient and preferable. We guarantee your jewellery photos to become amply glittering and alluring for your targeted audience.

No More Jewellery Retouching Dilemmas Will Bother You

Jewellers often have to face the predicament while creating catalogues, brochures or magazines for their latest jewellery designs. These designs should make their first impression in the market the best and we are here to help you with that. We offer the following photo editing for all your best jewellery images:

  • Enhancing contrast and shadows
  • Colour correction for the jewellery elements
  • Clear and properly blended background
  • Detailed look with every minute carving and cutting accurately emphasized
  • Providing correct angle, amount of light and mirror effect to create an appealing look
  • Removal of unnecessary blemishes or zits
  • Image resizing and cropping for appropriate proportioning
  • Adding shine and touch up for the dazzling look
  • Keeping the editing look natural and not “over-retouched”

Your jewellery photographs are converted into the perfect stunning looks ready to enchant the world at very affordable prices with our high-end jewellery retouching services.

How We Accomplish High End Retouching Results?

Jewellery retouching services fulfil the main purpose of enhancing the original design of the ornament and making it shiny and glittery. Our experts, meticulously edit each of your jewellery images with the latest Photoshop and Lightroom editing versions. Once you send us your photographs after giving the thumbs up for our free trial run, our photo editors create a CAD design for your jewellery pieces and make sure to add all the elements in the right proportion. When the editors are satisfied with the CAD designs, they start to render the jewellery images and create a lifelike version of the same. This rendered images are then again verified to edit any more details that may have left and then the final images are sent to you. Our experts remove any dust particles, unnecessary shadows and light reflections, background objects or even the whole surroundings, bad colour blends, dullness of the diamonds, etc. to make the original design eye-catching for the audience.

Outsourcing Solutions at Om Data Entry India

Om Data Entry India caters to all your jewellery photo retouching services with the following benefits for your company:

Creative Results:

Personalized solutions for your specific jewellery editing requirements are crafted for you by our creative team

Superior Quality:

With Om Data Entry India, you need not worry about the quality and accuracy of the results for which we are famous over many nations

High-End Technology:

Our experts are able to generate flawless results due to the presence of state-of-the-art tools and software in our workplace

Experienced Editors:

Years of jewellery retouching practice have made our competent team just perfect for all varieties of jewellery photo editing work

Economical Rates:

Our cost-effective rates are pocket-friendly for our clients and help them to save up to 50% of their budget

Quick Delivery:

We deliver our first-rated services within the stipulated time frames regardless of the magnitude of the project

Secured Data:

Our secured FTP servers used for data transfer and access protect your business data and images from loss and damage

Free Trial Run:

We insist you try our Free Trial Run before commencing any project and give us a chance to explain our working methodologies better

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