Conference Call Transcription Services

Conference Call Transcription Services

Conference or seminar is where one or more speakers talk about a particular issue to one or more audience. In conference there are audiences or a company’s discussion on a particular topic. The transcription of conference is essential for the further references and to get the points discussed on paper. It is very hard to remember all the points discussed in a conference and require audio or video recordings with a featured tool to convert the conferences in a handy document with the format as required. Outsourcing conference transcription services to Om Data Entry India is the best option you can choose for your company.

Our company is specialized in offering a wide range of transcription services with the help of dedicated team of transcribers that are trained and skilled with latest tools and techniques. We offer various transcription services as audio, video, legal, academic, business, student, sermon, podcasts, etc. to clients from UK, USA, Australia, and Canada and across the globe. As conferences as part of every business, we serve various industries like medical, legal, educational, real estate, restaurant, design, engineering, etc. since five years.

We Offer Conference Transcription & Conference Call Transcription Services

As a company, you must be having important calls from potential clients and are discussing some important points over the call. You must have noted all the important points, but what if you missed on one or not getting all the data notes as discussed? It is not possible everyday but incidents can occur and it many cause a loss or damage to your organization. Since, it is been practiced to record the conference calls and get it transcribed by professionals to collect all the data or information discussed over the call for future reference.

Our Conference Transcription Services Inclusions

  • Board meetings
  • Seminars
  • Lectures of university
  • Technical conferences
  • Work shops
  • Press conferences
  • Telephonic conferences
  • Research work presentations

There are two methods performed for the conference transcription services:


In express method, the conferences are transcribed as it is given word by word with stops and pauses and other non-meaning conversation that is present in the conference.


In essence, the conference is filtered by the expert transcribers and only meaning full part is transcribed from the conversation.

Why to Outsource Conference & Conference Call Services?

Outsource conference and conference call transcription services to Om Data Entry India and get the benefits of our superior quality and high accuracy transcription services. Outsourcing can give your business core competence and valuable resources of your company will be utilized in other important tasks. The conference calls will be recorded and the data or information can be stored for further references. It will save on operational costs as there will be no investment on equipments, technology and professionals needed to be hired in-house. Thus, outsourcing conference and conference calls transcription services will get you to the edge of the competition.

Features of Outsourcing Transcription Services

  • Comprehensive solutions for business requirements
  • Professional transcribers with skilled team
  • Advanced tools and proven methodologies
  • Fast turnaround time by verbatim
  • Cost effective transcription services available
  • High quality and high accuracy services
  • Various formats available to choose from
  • Stringent security for data shared

Steps for Outsourcing Conference Transcription Services

Receive Call Recordings:

We get the conference recordings or call recording from clients with secured FTP server or emails.

Process Call Transcripts:

We choose the method or technique of transcribing based on the quality of file and number of speakers in conversation.

Quality Check of Text:

Our quality check team will proofread the conference and will correct the errors to give you best quality results.

Send Final Transcription:

We will submit the final file to you with the server or web based applications.

Outsourcing Solutions at Om Data Entry India

  • We offer superior quality and high accuracy services within the stipulated time frames.
  • Our company offers customized solutions for all your queries to meet the business needs.
  • We have flexible staffing methods to work on your bulk volumes within time limits.
  • The experts are having deep knowledge of the latest tools and software.
  • You will save up to 50-60% on your operational costs with our cost affordable services.
  • Your data is kept highly confidential through our secured FTP servers and strict security systems.
  • Our dedicated team of customer support is always available at your services.
  • You will get the maximum customer satisfaction and core competence by our outsourcing services.
  • Om Data Entry India offers a free trial run to give you our quality services for your sample project work free of cost.

Avail the benefits of our services by outsourcing to our company today. Get a quote for your transcription services.

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