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Educational Transcription Services

As universities and students have a large study material to go through and important lectures to attend carefully. You might also need to access the data in them in a manageable text format. In educational transcription, we have files for research work, thesis, lectures and seminars. Outsourcing the same can save you on time and get you the accurate transcribing work at very affordable price. When you outsource the educational transcription work to a reliable and trusted educational transcription company, you can focus on other university work or assignments efficiently.

The professional transcribers at Om Data Entry India are trained to get the accurate results and proficient in working within the timelines. Educational transcription covers the universities, institution, lecturers and students study, work and project work. It transcribes audio and video files of presentations and lectures, when you cannot focus on the lectures or unable to understand the lectures audio or video files. Outsourcing the educational transcription will get the best quality of transcription work with fast turnaround time. Avail our beneficial services today and contact our customer support team for more details.

Our Educational Transcription Services Offers

We have a wide range of outsourcing services for transcription and typing to solve all your study material related queries. Our services include the following:

  • Lectures transcription
  • Seminar transcription
  • Research notes transcription
  • Thesis transcription
  • Webcasts of lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Podcasts of lectures

The standard quality services we offer make us a leading outsourcing service provider among clients from USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc. We have done various projects and have the satisfied clients around the team’s efforts business needs and thus give customized solutions for all your business requirements.

Our Educational Transcription Services Workflow

Our experts get you perfect transcription results with the help of our well designed procedure. Here is how we do it:

1. Receiving Files -

We get your audio/video files in your convenient format after the approval of free sample.

2. Analyzing Content -

Then we convert them into our accessible formats and choose the appropriate method for it.

3. Transcribing Data -

We start the transcription work and complete it within the stipulated time frames.

4. Quality Control -

Our quality check team corrects the errors rigorously to create 99.9% accurate final results.

5. Submitting Final Files -

These final precise and customized outcomes are sent to you via secured FTP servers.

Free Trial Run -

Judge our working quality and method for free with your sample transcription project. We will get back to you within 48 hours and you can commence the project after approving our free trial results.

Needs to Outsource Educational Transcription Services

The benefit of outsourcing the educational transcription is that you can rely on a professional transcriptionist that offers the best quality services at very affordable price. As the schedules of universities and educational institutes are quite tricky and strict, outsourcing will save on the precious time. The students will be benefited as they will not miss important lectures and can use the transcripts for further references and studies on research work and development. The different accent of lecturers or the background noises are eliminated with proper transcribing software.

When you outsource the educational transcription to a reliable and trusted outsourcing partner, you will get economical services without compromising on the quality and accuracy. Also, the data is kept fully secured by our high end security systems making us your steadfast outsourcing partner. The main purpose of outsourcing the educational transcription work is to get the top-notch quality results and while saving the valuable resources and money. You can leverage the advanced tools and techniques by the expert transcribers to get efficient results.

Why to Choose Om Data Entry India as Your Outsourcing Partner?

Here is why our company is your one stop solution for all transcription related queries:

  • When you outsource the transcription services to our company, we assure you world class quality service and high accuracy.
  • Our experts have immense knowledge and experience to work upon your complex education transcription project.
  • We equip advanced online tools and techniques that are proven to give high efficiency and results that meet your business requirements.
  • When you send your files through the secured services, you will be relieved of the data security as we have high security agreements.
  • The customer support team is client-dedicated and works full time to give satisfying solution to all your queries.
  • We offer Free Trial Run to give you a trial of our quality based services without any further assessment of work promised.
  • As every company has its own business plans and requirements, we are always ready to provide you meticulously tailored solutions.
  • Om Data Entry India offers very cost effective services that save up to 60% on your total outsourcing budget.

If you are looking to outsource the transcription services, you can get in touch with us today to get a quote for your educational transcription requirements and get our world lass quality services.

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