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Affordable/Cheap Data Entry Services

Om Data Entry India is your one-stop solution for all your data entry, data processing, web research, data collection, typing, transcription, and many more services as we offer all these outsourcing services at affordable prices with quality-driven results for more than 8 years to global clients across the world. Our outsourcing data entry services offer up to 60% cost savings on your operational costs compared to US-based or Europe-based services without compromising the quality of the work.

Moreover, we have the expertise and experience in providing top-class quality services with high accuracy, fast turnaround time, and high data security. Our data entry process includes the best infrastructure and technology to save your budget and provide you with the best pricing services. This will help you focus your budget on the core functions and enhance overall productivity. Our pricing structure is aimed to lessen the burden upon both parties. Learn more about our data entry services pricing structure from our customer support with just a click of a button.

Pricing Plans for Our Wide Range of Affordable Data Entry Services

While our expert team deals with your data entry needs, we offer you to choose from the different pricing plans we offer based on the client’s preference. You can choose from data entry rates per page rate/ date/ per hour/ records according to the nature of the service, length, and duration of the project. Or even with our man-month pricing plan. The changes in pricing are subject to the complexity of the project, the volume of data, the use of tech and tools, and other terms. You can ask for flexible changes in these parameters for the final rates.

Data Entry Services Pricing Plans

In Man-Month Plan, a dedicated resource work for 8 hours in a day and 6 days in a week (Monday to Saturday) i.e. 192 hours in a month.

Data Entry Services 4 - 6 ($) 750 - 1000 ($)
Data Processing Services 4 - 6 ($) 750 - 1000 ($)
Data Conversion Services 4 - 6 ($) 750 - 1000 ($)
Web Research Services 4 - 6 ($) 750 - 1000 ($)
Data Collection Services 4 - 6 ($) 750 - 1000 ($)
Typing Services 4 - 6 ($) 750 - 1000 ($)
Transcription Services 0.60 - 1 ($) Per Audio Min. N/A
OCR Services 4 - 6 ($) 750 - 1000 ($)
CV Formatting Services 1.5 - 2.5 ($) Per CV N/A
Data Mining Services 4 - 6 ($) 750 - 1000 ($)
Data Cleansing Services 4 - 6 ($) 750 - 1000 ($)
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What Do We Deliver at Affordable Prices?

Our company offers a low-cost data entry services pricing structure on an hourly basis or record volume. You can also opt for the man-month pricing plan if you wish to come aboard for long-term projects. With the easy availability of talented youth and cheaper resources, India is the best place for you to find affordable data entry served with timely outputs. Our expert team at Om Data Entry India, surely get you the expected outcomes regarding all your outsourcing services like data entry, data processing, data conversion, web research, data collection, typing, transcription, and many more.

We Categories Our Pricing Models as Per Your Convenience

    1. We usually charge a one-time payment per data record, which is typically made up of all the fields that the client has identified as providing a comprehensive, identifiable, and invoiced line of data.

    2. Cost, particularly the labor costs of data entry operators and project managers who educate the operators, schedule and manage their work, and communicate with the client about objectives, deadlines, and processing concerns, are the main determinants of our outsourcing data entry service fees.

    3. Our dedicated monthly retainer team is suitable for clients who have lengthy projects that could take months to complete. With the help of a dedicated team of data entry professionals, such projects can be completed more effectively. Your designated team will have the responsibility of concentrating solely on your project.

    4. Moreover, a project manager will be assigned particularly to monitor your team. This enables you to entirely relieve yourself of the burdensome task of team management. You get to choose whether you want this workforce working for you full- or part-time. You can also decide on the team according to your time zone.

    What’s More in The Store for You?

    Get benefits from our affordable data entry services:

    • We offer Free Trial Run to learn more about our methodologies before you choose us as your outsourcing partner.
    • We offer our outsourcing data entry hourly rates, starting from $4 to $6 per hour on the basis of records.
    • We ensure 99.9% accurate outcomes for all your data entry needs, regardless of what other factors affect the task and the results.
    • Your data security is our utmost priority and we very well ensure all the documents are safe with anti-virus and secured FTP servers.
    • Our team manages your project based on the technical difficulties and the volume of the project so we can assign the team accordingly to deliver timely results.
    • You need not worry about the quality results as we make use of the latest and upgraded software for each unique data entry required.
    • Get your tailored services prepared by our skilled team that will be crafted as per your business model so that you only pay for what you want.
    • Our team manages your project based on the technical difficulties and the volume of the project so we can assign the team accordingly to deliver timely results.
    • What are you waiting for? Drop your requirements at our site and wait for our team to reach you with top-quality solutions at the most affordable data entry prices awaiting your green sign. Avail of the top quality and best rates for data entry services with us today!

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