BPO Services – Outsource Non Voice Process

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is an industry that performs non-core operations for your company in order to optimize the organizational work functions in an effective manner at cost effective prices. The non-invoice process includes the business operations that do not deal with direct customer or client interactions. Om Data Entry India is known for the reliable and trustworthy non voice business process outsourcing services in India available at affordable prices. Our satisfied clients are situated in various countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Australia, etc. across the globe. Outsourcing BPO services in India is the best suitable decision for a leading company as yours!

Our expert team of operator in Om Data Entry India is serving the industry with over 5+ years of their superior quality results. Greater advancement in technology has built a strong infrastructure of our company providing highly efficient results within the stipulated time frames. BPO service provider companies in India are offering a wide range of services at lower rates to various industries like Legal, Education, Medical, Corporate, Real Estate, Government, Engineering, Design, Restaurant and Hotels, etc. If you are running out of deadlines and need an outsourcing partner at help for business expansion, then hire our data entry operators at affordable prices or outsource your BPO requirements to us.

What the BPO (Non-Voice) Services Includes?

Our Company provides a wide range of BPO services that are non-voice to the clients across the globe to fulfill their business requirements with utmost skills and quality driven results. Some of our listed BPO services offered at Om Data Entry India are as follows:

Data Entry Services

Om Data Entry India offers the best quality data entry services with all inclusions that a company may require. Our experts are highly qualified to perform the data entry work and can create a very organized database for your company. Outsourcing data entry services like product data entry, resume data entry, legal data entry, etc. generally help the client to maintain its important information in a systematic manner without disturbing the core business operations of the company.

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Data Processing Services

Data processing services improve the company’s working coordination by improving the databases of the business information. Our professional team is having a great expertise of various processing services and can help you through every data related problem. We ensure the best quality of our data processing services such as resume data, document data, insurance claims data, medical data, survey data, remote data, image enhancement, etc. services to global clients.

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Data Conversion Services

Data conversion services help you to easily transfer the information in the required format without any additional effort. Data conversion service reduces the burden of non-core work and converts the data in Excel, Word, PDF, Text, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, etc. form with high accuracy. Our expert team uses the latest software for the data conversion work to give high quality results in a short time period. Any errors generated during this service are minimized by our quality check team efficiently.

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Data Collection Services

We offer data collection services to our clientele with the best possible results along with fast turnaround time. Data collection includes gathering all sorts of data related to your business needs and arranging it in a systematic way. Data collection service needs experience and knowledge of the sources of data collection and it is available correctly at Om Data Entry India. We work with high dedication to provide you with the most accurate data collection service results.

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Transcription Services

Many companies need to convert their audio and video data into written form for business needs. Data transcribers are especially skilled in transcription work and they can easily complete projects in short time frames with minimum error. We use special software for the ease of data transcription work to get the best outputs for your company. Get legal, insurance claims, academic, business, lecture, seminar, podcast, audio, video transcription services at lower prices.

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Typing Services

Conversion of paper documents into digital format is very common nowadays. This work takes up a lot of your valuable time and resources if done in-house. Thus, it is best to leave it to the professionals at outsourcing companies like Om Data Entry India to complete your transcription work. Data typing services includes audio typing; resume typing, book typing, typing documents, copy typing, digital typing, etc.

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OCR Services

Om Data Entry India is known for top quality OCR services offered with high accuracy and precision. There are OCR and OCR clean up services offered by professional operators at cost effective prices. The best way to optimize and use the data in your invoice is to outsource OCR services in India and the processing of documents will be easy. Our team will capture the data from your invoice and convert them into the desired file format.

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Web Research Services

Om Data Entry India also offers web research services under which we provide you data research of available information on the web as per your requirement. We offer customized solutions for web research service to make it more effective for your business. Web research services are carried out by searching particular keywords and collecting all the necessary information from all possible online sources.

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IT Services

There are various IT services covered by our company that involves web development, web design, graphic design, remote IT service, email marketing, SEO services, etc. to provide you over all solutions for your web development requirements. There are professional web developers available in Om Data Entry India to outsource IT services with high efficiency that offer reliable results. Our IT team is skilled and experienced with various innovative concepts and ideas.

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Process Followed for Outsourcing BPO Services

Om Data Entry India team believes in achieving the desired goals and work with truth, faithful and committed approach. There is a schematic procedure designed by professionals at our company to perform the BPO service and it is mentioned as follows:

FREE Trial Run:

We insist you to use our free trial run to check that our quality and accuracy of work matches your company’s requirements. You can ask for a free trial run to our customer support time and we will revert back as soon as possible with solutions.

Receive the File/Data:

Once you approve our sample work by a free trial run, we are ready to move further. Send your final project file and all the required data along with the project details to our team.

Data Collection Work:

The experts collect all the necessary information or data for the project and arrange it systematically according to the process of work.

File Data Assessment:

After receiving all the data, our team will understand the requirement of the project and decide the best method for the completion of the project. Work is allotted to particular members of the team for fast processing of the project.

Data Entry/Data Processing:

The project gets started and data entry or data processing work is done with superior quality within the given time frames. The quality and accuracy are maintained by the software and other latest technology tools that are used for better and reliable outputs.

Quality Check of Data:

Once the work is finished the file goes to the QC team where it is checked for typo error, misinterpretation of data, duplicate entries, misplaced entries, etc. After minimizing the errors up to 99% the file is sent to the project manager. We assure standard quality results for high customer satisfaction rate and perform stringent quality check rounds for the same.

Final Submission of Data:

The final file is checked once again by the project manager before sending it to your company by email or any other requested medium with the secure data transfer network.

Get a Reliable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partner in India

India has grown at a faster pace in the last 2 decades in terms of technology acceptance and BPO industries. Our country contains a large talent pool of professional data entry operators with high credibility and potential growth. There is a continuous process of optimization and improvement going on in India based BPO companies. Get a perfect solution for all your business process outsourcing requirements at Om Data Entry India at affordable prices. As the project is handed to professionals, the operation’s outcome are reliable and of best quality due to ISO 9001:2015 certification achieved by our company. Avail the benefits of our reliable and quality driven BPO services today!

Benefits of Outsourcing BPO Services at Om Data Entry India

Our Company has been serving the industries with top-notch quality data entry services and other non-voice services for 5+ years with over 500+ successful projects. Experience and expertise of our team can be utilized for your business operations if you outsource your BPO needs to Om Data Entry India. Get benefited from the following advantages offered by our professional team:

  • We provide high quality and high accuracy services for the high client satisfaction ratio in our UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc. countries based clients.
  • We provide fast turnaround time for your company and make the last minute changes in the project within the deadlines.
  • Our low rates of BPO services help you to save up to 60% on your operating costs and invest in business development programs.
  • We use the latest methodologies and techniques for the completion of your project in the best effective way with reliable results.
  • Flexible staffing method is used to perform your bulk volume work with high efficiency and high precision within the stipulated time frames.
  • We maintain the data confidentiality and ensure the protection of your business data from any virus through high security systems.
  • Our customer support team is always there for you to solve your queries regarding our business process outsourcing services.
  • Please feel free to contact us any time. Avail the benefits of our FREE trial run by sending the sample of your project to our expert team.

Get a quote of our BPO services today or get in touch with us to know more about our cost effective BPO services served with best quality results!


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