Outsource Web Data Extraction Services

For any business, there is a huge demand of data, but it is not necessary that it comes from one consistent source. Often times there are multiple sources, where the data are extracted from and driven to a central database, also it has to be filtered and categorized in the desired format. This is not a simple task to perform by your core staff in your company. Thus, data extraction services are required in order to save on time and money.

If you outsource data extraction services to Om Data Entry India, we will get the best class quality results for your business database by our professional data extraction operators. We offer customized solutions for all your data extraction service requirements at affordable prices. Outsourcing data extraction services in India to our team will give you easy access to require data in a simple format, easy to store and share among your company. Get a high competitive edge by leverage our company and our tools as well as skilled personnel within your budget.

Our Offered Data Extraction Services

Data extraction work can be done from various sources like competitor’s website, online databases, eCommerce websites, social media pages, financial reports, forms and questionnaires etc., as per your business requirements. Om Data Entry India offers superior quality and high accuracy data extraction services as follows:

  • Website meta data extraction
  • Web data extraction services
  • Data extraction for products
  • Web database extraction
  • Extraction from other web links
  • Extraction from online directories
  • Website data scrapping service
  • Data extraction from hard copies
  • Extraction from legal documents
  • Extraction from medical reports
  • Web data research and reporting
  • If your requirements are different from the above mentioned list, we are ready to provide you custom made services at competitive prices by our professional team. So, contact us and get the quote!

Extension of Our Data Extraction Services

Our company understands your requirements of data extraction services apart from core business operations. Thus, we offer other value added services at Om Data entry India for Data Extraction work at affordable prices. Our strong team of data entry operators will cater you with the desired quality result. Choose us your India based outsourcing partner today for more benefits:

Database Extraction Services

The data extraction is a vital process in order to convert raw data into useful business information. The extracted information helps you to increase, grow and diversify your business leading to more success and sustainability. Company database is a major tool to decide the futuristic planning and thus the database should contain accurate and relevant information. Web data is to be extracted very carefully as the data is captured from various databases of online portals or competitor’s web site.

Extracted data are converted into designed formats and is used for analysis, reporting and communications leading your business in a successful direction. If the database extraction is done in-house it may lead you to more efforts, time and other valuable resources with high operational costs. Outsource web database extraction services at affordable prices to India for your business growth.

PDF Data Extraction Services

If your business includes the use of PDF files and you want easy access of information in them, PDF data extraction services is your one stop solution. PDF files are nowadays a very useful source of managing and transferring data in a systematic form. But, the PDF files cannot be edited which makes it difficult for you to use the data. PDF data extraction services allow you to get access to these specific data from PDF files and make your work easier. Our experts are well trained in using all computer software and they know their way through these files very well, providing you the best quality PDF data extraction services without any grammatical or typo mistake. We offer customized solutions as particular modification in the file format, font style, etc. for your convenience at competitive prices.

Web Data Extraction Services

Web data extraction services need vast experience and expertise to deliver such important task for your business. Why to invest your priceless resources in web data extraction in your company? If it is done by an expert at a fraction of the cost by outsourcing web data extraction companies based in India. Web data extraction service providing company will enable you to focus on core business operations. Your business will flourish, sustain and will be taking profitable decisions, to achieve this goal you can rely on a trusted web data extraction company like Om Data Entry India. We have experienced team of operators, sophisticated technology and tools. Collectively it is important for you to outsource web data extraction services in India.

Steps We Follow to Outsource Data Extraction Services

We have developed a standardized approach in data and web data extraction services to meet diversified needs of our global clientele:

Analyze Data:

In the first step we analyze your business process, database design and infrastructure in place to understand the data extraction requirements.

Collect Data:

We get the information about the sources from where the data is to be extracted like online, offline, competitor’s website, online portals, social media, etc.

Data Extraction:

Then we know about the required information to be extracted like specific details of the URL, SKU’s, contact details, prices, reviews, descriptions, etc.

Quality Check:

After performing the data extraction work, we do a quality check round to ensure error free web data extraction services by our experts.


Once everything is done, we final the custom designed data extraction procedure and deliver you the desired results as per your business requirements. We offer 100% customer satisfaction by high quality check and superior quality results within time frames.

Choose Om Data Entry India to Outsource Data Extraction Services

Our India based company offer committed quality results for your data and web data extraction requirements at competitive prices:

  • Outsource data extraction Services for high quality and accuracy.
  • Our web data extraction services are available at affordable prices.
  • Data entry specialists are hired at Om Data Entry India for reliable results.
  • Faster delivery of outputs is offered for your bulk volume data extraction work.
  • Tailored solutions are offered at our company to meet your requirements.
  • High business data confidentiality is provided by our strict data security systems.
  • Free trial run is offered to showcase our top quality results on your sample project.

Get in touch with our customer support team to know more, outsource data extraction services to our experts and get a free quote today!

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