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Meet Our Management Team

Om Data Entry India is a steadfast outsourcing company working for global clients and serving their best to achieve 100% client satisfaction. We are able to do this with our amazing team and their cooperative efforts. Meet our core team members and see how they are keeping up the company’s foundations:

Anita Khatavkar (CEO):

Anita is the founder of Om Data Entry India. She is the head operating executive and works responsibly to manage the clients. She plays a vital role in the management and completion of several critical projects with high precision. Her motto is to ensure the customers leave with a content heart which she fulfils by taking care of the feedbacks and reviews. Her swift communication and quick solutions to clients’ complaints keep up the team spirit. She gives full dedication and support to her clients as well as Om Data Entry India’s team of data entry operators.

Gaurang Khatavkar (President-Business Development):

Gaurang serves as the President of Business Development at Om Data Entry India. He works with a mission to provide the best quality data entry services to global clients and he does so with his skilled mindset. He shares the company’s dream of serving every small-medium-large business with equal passion and devotion that fits the image of the company’s success. His focus is to expertly deal with the client’s queries and assign tasks to the proper team. With excellent qualities of a motivator, supporter and leader - Gaurang sets Om Data Entry India to the top level in the data entry services industry.

Omkar Agrawal (Vice President-Operations):

Omkar operates as the Vice President of Operations at Om Data Entry India and handles the administration flow since the last 7+ years. His presence in the company is inevitable as he successfully handles the task force supervising and leading management. He plays a key role in attending client calls and informing the team of the feedbacks. He works with on-point attention in achieving the company’s mission with his expertise in the industry. As he maintains harmony among the employees and the core team operations, the company stays afloat even in the cut-throat competition.

Mohit Patki (Director-Business Development):

Mohit is the directing head of business development operations and client management process. With his 18+ years of experience in sales and marketing, he is managing the lead generation, SLA procedure, project and resource management along with the entire project execution. He leads the team and analyses the feedback for better results. His skilful communication and negotiation abilities are what brings the company reliable support for the much-needed healthy business relations. Mohit is responsible for most of the client directed actions that shows how dedicated he is to the development of Om Data Entry India as a global outsourcing company.

Payal Dabhi (HR Manager):

Payal is our Human Resource Manager working reliably for 5+ years. Her chief operations include hiring talented professionals for the team and managing the existing resources. She gives her best in keeping the staff coordinated, informed and content with the office culture. She also is a crucial part of project management and has fruitfully outsourced several complex projects. She is a skilful and talented member of our company full of creativity, scalability, and dedication. Her presence gives Om Data Entry India the essential sustenance and care.

Sunilkumar Yadav (Business Development Group):

Sunil heads the business development of the company and the growth of the web reach. His amazing SEO skills and experience in this field of 8+ years has done commendable work in the uplifting of the website and top rankings of the same in all global searches. His presence in the company gives a positive attitude for the development of Om Data Entry India over web portals and helps us to connect with maximum clients. His efforts are commendable in terms of the improvements we have observed within a limited time.

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