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Information Technology Services

Information technology services includes the outsourcing of a company’s computer or internet related work, like programming, web development, software development, SEO, application management, etc. IT refers as work with less technical skills but requires concentration and accuracy to perform the task within a short time period. Om Data Entry India is providing the clients with efficient IT services outsourcing solutions across the globe at cost effective prices to meet the business requirements by professional team of experts.

Outsourcing IT services in India was not so trending until the Y2K bug emerged and the need of affordable outsourcing IT solutions occurred in the market. So, India became the competitive destination in offering the best in class outsourced IT service provider to the American and Europeans clients. We have been serving the industry since last 9+ years with our quality and accuracy driven BPO services to clients from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc. Advanced technology is utilized to incorporate with the cutting edge competition and make your business a step ahead!

Inclusions of Our IT Services

Among the vast range of IT sector, our company offers IT services with the superior quality results. Om Data Entry India provides the team of IT experts to match your strategic goals at given time frames. The details of our IT services offered are:

Web Design -

The service includes designing and layout of your official website that will reflect your business objectives and specifications. Creative and innovative designing services at your doorstep at affordable prices.

Project Management -

In business, we offer a project management service to provide quality driven data entry, web research, data conversion, transcription, etc. project working along with the core business operations.

Cloud Computing Solutions -

Outsourcing IT services also includes cloud computing services that will give you access to the data stored by our professionals to the cloud storage. It makes your database more efficient and easy to access to cloud computing.

Web Development -

In this, we are having expert web developers to give your business support with various servers like ASP.NET, Oracle, Java, XTML, etc. and support your website for multiple device synchronization.

Mobile Applications -

Our expert IT operators are skilled to design mobile application that will make your products and services offered to customers more interactive and that will help to increase your sales. We have wide range of mobile application support tools for your business.

Software Development -

Software makes the business operations, simplified and keep your data accessible from any location, thus we offer software development services for your business.

Technical Support/Help Desk -

If you are having lack of resources and technical staff, our experts are just a screen away to offer you one stop solution for the technical support and provide highly efficient help desk services. Outsourcing IT services will get you superior help desk support.

Data Center Management -

Database is created by professional data entry operators at Om Data Entry India to make a master database with all the required information kept handy, that will get you a high efficiency in business.

Networking and Communications -

We are providing superior quality and high security, networking solutions for the communication of your business with internal and external networking to bring easy information pathway.

Infrastructure -

The infrastructure provided by outsourcing IT services will save a lot on your money and give you access to hardware and software of our company for your business operations along with our team of professional IT operators.

IT Remote Support -

Our remote support services include the technical as well as hardware support to give you access from anywhere and at any point of time with the best in class quality IT services at remote locations.

Security -

Security of network, hardware and software if provided by us with the help of firewall, antivirus, data security systems, agreements for data confidentiality, etc. are offered at our company for your business data security.

SEO and Digital Marketing -

Our skilled team is known for the marketing skills and SEO services offered to clients across the globe with high quality services and creative-innovative marketing strategies to make your sales increase.

Outsource IT services to India and you will be able to find all the IT solutions at one place with the professional experts to perform your task. Contact our team to know more about our IT services.

What Sets Us Apart at IT Service Solutions?

Collaboration -

We understand the IT requirements of your business and accordingly plan the business methods to collaborate with your needs and give you outsourced IT services solutions with best in class services.

Customized Services -

We do not have a fix service list as customized solutions are offered by experts at Om Data Entry India to meet your desired IT goals.

Skilled IT Operators -

The team of professional data entry IT operators at our company offering IT services gives you access to the team without hiring them in-house.

Affordable Prices -

Outsourcing IT services to us will save on your budget due to the tailored solutions we offer and are assuring you to save on your budget.

Flexible Staffing -

You do not have to hire the professionals in your company; outsource IT services to us and we will provide you the skilled resources as per your project requirement whenever needed.

Innovation and IT Services Outsourcing at Om Data Entry India

Outsourcing IT services at our company is also termed as innovation technology, as our experts are skilled to do the task with innovative methods that make the business operations smooth. Outsourcing IT services offshore are designed to lower your burden on the non-core operations and give you access to the infrastructure and skilled resources of our company. There are several methods found by our professional IT operators that will give you a best quality output for the technical and non-technical tasks. Outsource IT services to know more about the technology advantage at Om Data Entry India.

Major Advantages of Outsourcing IT Services to Us

  • Focus on the core business operations by outsourcing IT services to our company.
  • High quality and high precision services offered by our professional team.
  • Fast turnaround time to beat the competition and meet your deadlines.
  • Competitive prices to save a lot on your budget and resources.
  • Customer support available to solve your queries round the clock.
  • Om Data Entry India offers a sample run on various services for free.

If you have any kind of IT solutions required, get in touch with us soon and we will offer you a fair deal to be ahead in the cut throat competition. Avail the benefits of our affordable top class IT services today and make a difference in your business!

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