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XML Conversion Services

XML conversion is a versatile, powerful, and widely used publishing tool that has a wide range of applications. Its particular beauty is its portability across different systems and platforms, which makes it the most commonly utilized data storage and presentation in web-based applications. Because of this, transferring data from one application to another is quick, easy, and vital. XML conversion services solve your data handling problems by converting XML data files into easily accessible text and image files and vice versa. This helps your resources to get quick access to all the necessary information about your business.

Om Data Entry India offers excellent XML conversion services at competitive prices. Our best-in-class quality results will give you quick access to your XML file data, making working with the files easier. Outsourcing to us will aid you to focus on your core-business operations so that you stay ahead in this cut-throat business environment.

Why is the XML Format Preferred?

XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) is a widely used data publishing format for storing and sharing data either in a public or a local network. Due to the ease of handling XML file formats and its better accessibility over various mediums, it is rapidly gaining popularity. As it is handier than HTML formats, businesses opt to use it for data transferring as well as storing. Converting XML files into user-friendly PDF, PPT, Text, JPG, etc., file formats is faster and less complex due to its adaptability and scalability across numerous platforms. Its validation capabilities and flexibility are what make XML preferable over other data sharing and collecting formats.

Various XML Conversion Services are Offered by Om Data Entry India

Om Data Entry India is an ISO-certified company, that has been providing precise XML data conversion solutions and satisfying clients from all around the world, including the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and France. Here is a list of the various formats into which our experts perform conversion services:

  • XML to text files and vice versa
  • XML to MS word and vice versa
  • XML to MS Excel and vice versa
  • XML to HTML files and vice versa
  • XML to PowerPoint files and vice versa
  • XML to PDF files and vice versa
  • XML to image files and vice versa
  • XML to webpage and vice versa
  • XML to RTF files and vice versa

Our competent team of data conversion experts even offers to provide tailored solutions to our client's requirements apart from the ones on the list. You can contact us anytime for any other queries or doubts.

Our Experts Perform the XML Conversion Process for You

XML conversion services comprise a complicated working procedure to ensure quality results in the end. As a leading ISO certified India based company, Om Data Entry India follows a necessary process for XML data conversion as under:

1. Receiving Data -

Firstly, we collect the relevant data (text or image files) from the client and understand their needs regarding XML conversion solutions.

2. Processing Documents -

Following data collection, our skilled team analyses both the data and the XML conversion specifications while keeping the client's requirements in mind.

3. XML Conversion and Tagging -

The data conversion experts then start encoding the data into XML files and add the proper tags, attributes, formatting, and styling.

4. QC and Reviewing Results -

The resulting XML files are sent to the quality check team to look at the complete coding file and make necessary changes to meet up to the client’s needs.

5. Submitting Files -

Once the QC team is satisfied with their review, the files are sent to the client through secured FTP servers in the expected formats.

Avail of Our Cost-Effective XML Conversion Services!

There are endless reasons why Om Data Entry India should be your ultimate choice for outsourcing to an India based XML data conversion company, including:

  • XML conversion services are available for all types of XML formats.
  • A Skilled team of experts with complete technical knowledge to solve all your queries regarding XML files.
  • Customized solutions that meet all your requirements as per your business model.
  • High precision software and equipment to minimize the chances of errors by up to 99%.
  • Highly competitive rates that save you a lot on your budget.
  • Quick turnaround time and error-free results are delivered to you before the deadlines.
  • Flexible staffing strategies to ensure flawless work completion.
  • Using secure servers and confidentiality agreements ensures that your data remains secure.
  • A customer support team that is available at all times to answer your data conversion questions.

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