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Om Data Entry India gives your transcription, data entry requirements a one stop solution. As we provide you high-end services and data handling capabilities under transcription services. Outsource transcription services to India, and get a benefit of cost effective and reliable services.

Our company provides high quality and accurate academic transcription services. We offer specialized transcription services for our global clients at affordable prices. As we are working with the modern tools and techniques, we provide outsourcing transcription services for files in different audio/video formats as per your requirement.

Types of Outsourced Transcription Services

Process to Get Low Cost Transcription Services

Our company follows a systematic process to perform transcription services as below.

Collect Files:

We collect audio files and understand the need of your transcription work for effective transcription service results.

Perform Transcription:

As per the requirements of your work, we work on the data of transcription and accordingly transcribe the files with high accuracy.

Get Data Proofreading:

We believe in providing high customer satisfaction and thus, provide proofreading of transcription files.

Send Final Transcript:

Once the process is complete, we send the final transcript file to your staff with secure systems in given time frames.

We would like to know your feedback and suggestions for improvising our services and strong or better future relations.

Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services

  • High-quality transcription with the data security
  • Cost effective and quality service is delivered
  • Transcription within the stipulated time frame
  • Professional transcriptionist to perform accurately
  • Focus on the core business operations and activities

Why Outsource Transcription Services to Om Data Entry India?

We provide best and most accurate transcription services to our clients in different formats as per the requirement of our clients.

  • We transform the audio-visual content precisely and professionally write the documents with the specified content in it.
  • Our audio typists are experts in various formats and layouts who provide you with excellent transcription services.
  • Our transcriptionists have several years of experience in providing outsourcing of transcription services to our clients.
  • Our professional transcriptionists is capable of handling high volume work within a stipulated time range.
  • We ensure the security of original work provided for transcription by secure networks.

If you are looking to outsource transcription file, choose us as your outsourcing partner and free yourself from the hassle today!

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