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Om Data Entry gives your transcription, data entry requirements a one stop solution. As we provide you high-end services and data handling capabilities under transcription services. To outsource transcription services to India, you can get a benefit of cost effective and reliable services that can reduce the cost of doing it in house and also provide the services from the skilled professionals which reduces the money and the efforts along with them.

Our company, Om Data Entry India provides high quality and accurate academic transcription services. We assure professional research transcripts that can work within your personalized specifications. We also offer specialized transcription services for our various clients all around the world. As we are working with the modern tools and techniques that we use in, we provide academic outsourcing transcription services for files in different audio/video formats as per your requirement.

In businesses, it is essential to outsource the transcription services as the employees do not have time or resources to do the work in house. Your business needs to focus on a particular area and thus it is the best way to delegate transcription services to expert professionals. Our company provides outsourcing transcription services as per the client requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services

  • High-quality transcription with the data security
  • Cost effective and quality service is delivered
  • Transcription within the stipulated time frame
  • Professional transcriptionist to perform accurately
  • Focus on the core business operations and activities

Features of Transcription Services

We provide the transcript data as exactly required and in a precise form of work irrespective of the work-volume. The transcripts that we provide are successfully delivered to the customers as per the specifications and formats, as required by any customer. We at Om Data Entry India provide transcription services at affordable rates along with innovative transcription solutions to clients. We provide services for a wide range of file formats and layouts

We have a team of Skilled and knowledgeable transcriptionists having the latest transcription software with the required skills and technology. That is what makes us the most reliable outsourcing provider in India. We guarantee our customers with complete security, privacy and confidentiality of the work. Customized services are provided at Om Data Entry with expertise in any kind of audio/visual with any input/output format.

Why Outsource Transcription Services to Om Data Entry India?

  • We provide best and most accurate transcription services to our clients in different formats as per the requirement of our clients.
  • We transform the audio-visual content precisely and professionally write the documents with the specified content in it.
  • Our audio typists are experts in various formats and layouts who provide you with excellent transcription services.
  • Our transcriptionists have several years of experience in providing outsourcing of transcription services to our clients.
  • Our team of professional transcriptionists is capable of handling high volume work within a fast turnaround time ensuring the security of original work provided academic transcription work.
  • Our transcription rates are low compared to the other transcription service providers which, itself is a boon to all the community.
  • We provide all kinds of audio and video transcription services, giving your business the all new competitive edge.
  • Our team of expert transcription professionals provides high-quality audio-video transcription services for different types of audio-video formats as required by the customers.

If you are looking to outsource any transcription file in any format, choose us, your outsourcing partner and free yourself from the hassle. Contact us and get a quote today.


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