Business Transcription Services

Business Transcription Services

In the constantly growing corporate world, there is a huge data that is needed to be gathered and have a track record of, so it is advisable to get the work outsourced to a professional team of skilled transcribers rather than doing it on own. India is becoming a great pool of talent in providing the outsourcing services and as a leading outsourcing service provider company; we offer a wide range of transcription services.

In India, there are many reliable and trusted data entry outsource service provider which offers a wide range of transcription and data entry services. As a result of this, you will be able to focus on the core business activities and get relief from the tedious work yet important to the business data. There are lots of presentations, meetings, interviews going on in the business house. The different files and formats are needed to be converted into the documents that are handy and easily accessible to keep the data manageable.

Thus, outsourcing the audio or video files of your business data to a reliable and trusted outsourcing partner based in India is a smart decision one can make in the profit of business operations. It gives access to the skilled team of professionals and outsourcing the same will save on both cost and efforts. The business operations are needed to be recorded on the daily basis and thus it gives a greater pace if you outsource the extra work, which needs skills and expertise like transcription.

We Offer Business Transcription Services as Follows

The outsourcing of business transcription services leads you to get the benefit of skilled experts and also focus on the core business activities. Thus, our company offers a wide range of business transcription services that includes:

  • Audio webcasts
  • Analysts calls
  • Investor conferences
  • Product launch conferences
  • Teleconferences
  • Board meetings
  • Shareholders meetings, etc.

We believe in providing the top-notch quality services with the help of our quality check team that deliver the best outputs so that you get the desired results. So, to outsource the transcription services will assure you the fastest delivery with best quality results.

Why to Outsource Business Transcription in India

  • Cost effective services
  • Skilled professionals with experience
  • Top notch quality services
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Customer support around the clock
  • No need to hire the professionals in-house
  • Customized solutions to meet the business requirements

Procedure for Business Transcription we Follow

As business transcription is the important point for any business. It is essential that the work done is of high quality and accuracy as the success of any business depends on the database. So, if you outsource the business transcription at our company, we have proven techniques and methods to know all the possible outcomes of the effective transcription and thus you can choose us as your reliable outsourcing partner.

We follow the most convenient procedure and it involves: Collection of the raw data of different audio and video files through the secured FTP server. Quality check of the file received to select the appropriate method is done. Then the transcriptionists do the best quality transcription through the skills they posses. Again, the quality check team ensures the final files to get the work done without any flaws and errors. Finally the file or document is sent to us using the secured transmission system.

Choose Om Data Entry India as Your Outsourcing Partner

  • High quality and accuracy to beat the competitors
  • Our experts are trained to get the desired results
  • Customized solutions for all queries related to work
  • Reliable and cost effective end-to-end services
  • Customer support available across the globe
  • Proven techniques with advanced tools and methodologies
  • Fast turnaround time to meet the deadlines of critical projects
  • Free Trial Run to check the quality work we offer
  • Large volume work on time delivery, regardless of the complexity
  • Flexible mode of payment to make it easy for client’s world wide
  • Secured FTP server to be the secured and trusted outsourcing partner

If you are having any business transcription or general transcription work, send us the sample of your work to get the free trial. For further details, contact us today and get the best quote for all our outsourcing services.

  • Best Quality
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