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Video Transcription Services

Video transcription services are the method that makes it straightforward to convert audio and video content into text. In the modern day, there are many apps available for the basic speech-to-text. Working with video files having important content becomes quite tough for regular usage. The data in videos should be made easy to access for better handling and adaptability. As a top business house, you might have a huge data collection in the form of video files which need to be converted in the form of written or typed documents. These videos have various functions and formats and are recordings of conferences or meetings which involve the marketing and financial strategies discussed for future reference. Outsourcing video transcription services helps you to get all your video data in proper text format as per your needs.

Outsourcing is opted for as the operational cost increases while doing it in-house. Hiring a professional transcriber will unnecessarily exhaust your resources, time, and space. Thus, outsourcing such work to a reliable outsourcing video transcription company is the best decision one can make for the business’s profit. Being a leading outsourcing company in India, Om Data Entry India has a powerful transcription and quality check team dedicated to serving you with quality-oriented results. We believe in optimizing your database with our quality-controlled outsourcing solutions. Our cost-effective rates and personalized services will save resources and money. Outsource video transcription to us today and get yourself a convenient outsourcing partner just a click away.

Our Video Transcription Services

Om Data Entry India offers a wide variety of transcription services for YouTube, Zoom meetings, Ring Central, Google Meet, Vimeo, etc. We leverage a healthy balance of human-based services and AI-powered software to deliver impeccable outcomes. Our expert team is trained to deliver 99% accuracy within the time frame. We offer video transcription services for the following subjects such as:

  • Commercials
  • Movies
  • Shooting scripts
  • Academic videos
  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Conference proceedings
  • Legal material
  • Interview videos
  • Motion pictures
  • Music videos
  • General recordings
  • Surveillance recordings
  • Television series
  • Educational videos/ materials
  • Corporate training videos
  • Documentaries and more.

Free Trial Run - Be sure about your outsourcing partner before commencing the transcription project. Avail of our free sample and judge our quality-assured results within 48 hours.

Our Video Transcription Process

1. Receive the Videos:

As you approve the free sample project, we receive your video data and project requirements, which are studied carefully by our experts.

2. Transcribe Accurately:

Our highly skilled transcription team starts working on your files with upgraded software and completes the work within a predefined schedule.

3. Quality Check:

The files are then passed through rigorous quality control stages to remove typos, grammatical, or interpretation errors.

4. Submission of Files:

The ready-to-deport files undergo a check by our project leader before submission in your requested file formats.

Please feel free to contact our dedicated support team to get any customizations in our workflow or transcription services!

Needs of Outsourcing Video Transcription Services

Video transcription is done for important meetings, conferences, strategically planned projects, lectures, educational materials, and many more. It involves projects from industries such as medicine, education, mass media, corporate, real estate, etc. Thus, it becomes essential that outsourcing solutions are of high quality and precision. As the errors can lead to a huge loss in finance or knowledge so it is advisable to outsource the same and save on the operational costs at the same time.

The advanced tools and methodologies play key points if you outsource the video transcription services to a reliable outsourcing partner and get the benefits of the expertise they possess. It will also get you timely completion of the work and you will be able to focus on the core business activities and other important operations of the organization. We offer high-end results and fast turnaround time for outsourced services. Our company assures you of the security of your data and its confidentiality as we share files on our highly secured FTP server.

Get Outstanding Features with Our Experts

Getting your videos transcribed by experts will get you the perfect results along with the following features:

  • Use of proper transcription tools for precision results
  • Various transcription templates for your convenient usage
  • Placement of timestamps and accents as per the text
  • Capturing perfect verbatim or omission of noises as required
  • Quick results within stipulated time frames at low rates
  • Quality check through various layers for 99% accuracy

Strengths for Outsourcing Transcription at Om Data Entry India

Get the following advantages for outsourcing video transcription with us:

  • The cost-effective services at our company are the center of attention as the business operational cost is reduced at a large scale.
  • We offer solutions for all your queries and craft tailored solutions that meet all your business requirements are assured with us.
  • If you choose us as your outsourcing partner, we will give you world-class quality transcription services and all other data entry services.
  • Our professional team is trained to cater to a large volume of work without compromising on the quality of work and deliver it within the stipulated time frame.
  • At Om Data Entry India, you will be getting high security for your business data. We are always keen to keep your data confidential and threat-safe.
  • Our advanced tools and techniques help your business to get the benefits of excellence in the quality and accuracy of the work.
  • Get in touch with us to have a Free Trial Run of your sample project for free before the final project.

Our outsourcing services of transcription are available at the most affordable prices. Get the best quote today for all your transcription work.

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