Online Transcription Services

Online Transcription Services

Now a day, the business data is transformed in the online database. The best way to have easy access of data is to convert the data in the form of online documentation. The digital file formats are easy to share and save. Om Data Entry India offers a wide range of online transcription services for audio files that require conversion into simple documents for the future references.

Outsource online transcription work to a reliable outsourcing partner to get rid of the workload and save lot on money, efforts as well as resources. Outsource online transcription services to get the desired results at a very economic price. We assure you the best outsourcing services, if you choose us your outsourcing partner.

Online Transcription Services of Om Data Entry India

Our company has a variety of online transcription services and we assure you the world class quality services that get you the desired results. The list of online transcription services we offer are:

Legal Transcription Services

This service includes the transcription of legal files such as court hearings or board meetings or other legal files that are needed to be converted into the documentation for the future references.

Media Transcription Services

In Media transcription, we include talk shows, reality shows, radio and many more. Our online transcription services are considered best due to the skilled professional team to do the transcribe work with the highest quality results.

Business Transcription Services

In business transcription services it involves conferences, interviews, board meetings and shareholder meetings. The fast turnaround time of our team helps you to beat the competition.

Financial Transcription Services

Our financial transcription outsource services have the transcription of business surveys, press conferences, company financial reports, analyst interviews and many more. We believe in providing customized solutions that meet the business requirements of your company.

Audio/ Video Transcription Services

The audio and video files are the basic form of data for any business and industry and thus it is essential to get the work done with most effective quality by outsourcing it to a reliable outsource transcription service provider.

Plus Points of Outsourcing Online Transcription to Om Data Entry India

  • We offer high quality services at affordable prices so that we can offer you the max services at min investments.
  • Our company offers fast turnaround time that deliver quick results so that you can lead the competition.
  • As a leading outsourcing service provider, we know the procedures and techniques of the transcription work.
  • Our skilled team possess deep knowledge and experience that will serve you customized solutions for online transcription.
  • We assure the data you share with us is in safe hands and will be saved with highly secured FTP servers.
  • To get the benefit of our Free Trial Run, you can send us the sample of your work and check the quality we talk about.

If you are looking to outsource tedious transcription work, you are at the right place. Let us know what we can serve you and contact us today to get the best quote!

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