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Document Management Systems

Outsource Document Management Services

For every business irrespective of what they produce, sell and what domain they work in; documentation is the critical aspect all the time. Ranging from registers, catalogs, memos to contracts, articles, research documents, agreements everything has to be in place. Document management services give you a platform to keep your documents safe and easy to access in all formats also it ensures manageable and relevant data management.

Yes! We understand the importance of documents in your business. What if there was some system wherein you can keep your documents safe and also arranged in a proper manageable way so that they can be retrieved immediately as and when needed? In today’s world this almost magic system is available and it is called Document Management System.Document management refers to creation, storage, organization, transmission, retrieval, manipulation and update of documents.

Document Management Services at Om Data Entry India

  • We at Om Data Entry India are the experts in Document Management Services. We help businesses to build refined document management.
  • We assure in maintaining high level security for your valuable data.
  • We help you in administering your end-to-end cycle of Document Management.
  • We have been successfully offering Custom Document Management Services to numerous satisfied clients from various countries.
  • In order to keep the trend likewise we always train our staff and systems to absorb the change in the technical aspect of technology.
  • Though every business is unique of its kind, there is a standard procedure that we have developed which can take care of successful creation and implementation of the Database Management system.
  • Our streamlined approach in Database Management enables you to effortlessly adapt to new Database Management leveraging enormous value to you and your stakeholders.
  • Additionally, it also saves a lot of valuable time as your documents are arranged systematically.
  • We precisely incorporate your existing computer networking into our design of document management system so that we can take maximum utilization of it.
  • However the custom tailored Document Management System will still be able to give you the liberty to modify your network infrastructure as and when needed Our designed system will be able to handle almost all the document formats of documents.

Outsource Document Management Services in India

There are many ready-made document management systems available these days. At times they turn out to be expensive. Outsourcing the same can meet your expectations. You can outsource it to a reliable Document Management Solution Provider and get tailored Document Management System that perfectly suits your business model.

We are a leading outsourcing data entry service provider Company of India. We provide a reliable, expert, experienced team of data entry operators that can take care of all your needs pertaining to Document Management.

The main advantage to outsource the Document Management Service is that it is a growing country for data entry services and also has a large talent pool and skilled professionals that are able to deliver quality results in the most cost effective way.

Document Management Services Includes

We provide you with a comprehensive set of document management resolutions which will help you to create,convert,manage all your documents and govern the workflow of documentsinside/outside the organization. The services we offer at Om Data Entry are:

Data assimilation:

 we use a variety of document conversion and creation techniques ranging from manual methods like data entry to automated methods like image scanning, image conversion, OCR, ICR and bar code recognition. Once your data is converted into digital form it goes into the document management system with supreme accuracy.


 Being able to search a document immediately when it’s needed is one of the best features of Document Management System. For you to use this feature to its utmost degree, we have developed a distinctive document recognition system. Additionally, our systems will help you to control and track various versions of documents, extra security and various search choices.

Storage and repossession:

Our technical support will be there with you round the clock in order to help you to store documents with ease and at dependable locations for faster retrieves. We also help you in adopting techniques relating to back up your documents for safety.

Cost Effectiveness:

We guide you to adopt certain techniques that can help you reduce your cost of document management, which gives you an additional benefit in the long run.

We assure you to give customized solutions for your business according to the requirements and will sum up the budget accordingly so as to provide you the cost effective services. If you want a Manageable document that is handy and equally cost effective, so you are at the right place. Contact Om Data Entry India today and Get a Quote.


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