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Experts at Om Data Entry India Team Executed PDF to Word Data Entry Work for Story Writing

Client Profile

The client is running an association of literature and was having various types of story collection in script format. He is passionate about literature and wanted to create a great collection of digital copies from various hard and soft copies of the story write ups. He has the experience and expertise to create a collection of story work and aimed to create a digital platform for readers. He inspires others to write and also keep records of new upcoming writers in the literature industry.

Project Requirements

  • Conversion of stories written in PDF format into word files.
  • To enter data of story titles and writers in excel sheet for records.
  • Sometimes required to give title to stories, if not provided in the file.
  • To enter data from PDF files into word files with high accuracy.
  • Formatting of word file as per the given format by our client.
  • Validation of data entered by cross verification from main sources.

Process Process to Perform PDF to Word Data Entry

Step 1 -

Our team collects the PDF file of the story write ups given by the client along with their pre designed word format and instructions.

Step 2 -

The data entry experts enter data of stories into a word file from PDF files with high accuracy and quick delivery of results.

Step 3 -

We performed word formatting work to maintain the same format for all story types and made it easy to search for client’s database.

Step 4 -

Our team of quality check specialist at Om Data Entry India will validate the file to avoid errors and mistakes and corrected them.

Step 5 -

We submit the word files to clients within the promised stipulated time frame and also make changes to file if required by the client.

Challenges Faced by Our Team

  • The fonts or write up were not clear enough to read easily.
  • For long write ups the conversion of file was time consuming.
  • In PDF files, if not having sequence in pages that needed to be corrected.
  • Many times, the team had to perform data verification work for doubtful cases.

Solutions Given by Team

We have skilled data entry operators in Om Data Entry India that gives best possible solutions for every complex work. We faced some challenges during this project, but accomplished the work with high quality results delivered. We committed best quality and delivered the same within the given time frames due to our flexible shift timings. The word formats were given as per the client’s given theme and changes were made as per his request.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitors for quick and accurate data entry work.
  • Data entry operators performed smart data entry techniques.
  • Flexible shift timings to perform work within the client’s deadlines.
  • Word formatting tools to deliver error free word files.


The results offered by our team were on the mark of the client’s expectations and he was very happy to see the final results of the file sent to them. He saved the money by outsourcing to our experts for their PDF to word file stories data conversion work. The time was saved and more results were delivered within a short time frame.

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