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Data Capture Services

Outsource Data Capture Services

Data Capturing is a collection of written or typed data from hard copies to soft copies like MS word or MS Excel or entering the data into the online system. Data capturing service is more complex and valuable because it captures significant data. In this method of data capturing from one format into different form or questioner’s format, the data are processed thoroughly by the data entry experts for the enrichment of the data base. Thus, it is better to outsource the data capturing project.

Outsourcing the data capture services usually refer to collecting data from physical sources such as paper documents, forms, receipts, microfilms and photographs, and converting them to an electronic format by a team of highly skilled and professional data entry operators that know the in and out of the procedure that are needed to be followed. If you outsource your data capturing and data entry work the time saved and money saving helps to invest in the key role of any leading business core activities.

Converting data is a simple task, but transforming the data as per the requirement of a business is a key role to perform and that can be only done by a skilled team of data entry operators. Outsourcing data capturing services makes it more convenient to gather the data and standardize the database with the updated information. Outsource data capturing services to get cost effective solutions with high accuracy and data security.

Outsourcing Data Capture Services Features

  • More Accurate information, as the data that is captured will be relevant and will no more be just data, it is converted to information.
  • Lower Cost of data capturing services will reduce the operational cost and the maintenance of the hard form of data.
  • Save space for document storage as the digital form of the data is easy to store and need not any space in the workplace.
  • Work completed within the specified time period as the experts are involved in doing the task and will use their skills to give excellent outcome.
  • The time can be saved in searching the hard copies and storing the data in the workplace is hard to get at the time of utilization, thus it will be a good approach to save the data in the soft copies or digital format.
  • In a digital format, it is very easy to update the data and to change the information as and when needed without spending much time and can also be converted easily into different formats.

Data Capturing Services Includes

  • Hard copies to image conversion
  • Data capture from receipts and vouchers
  • scanning and imaging of cheque
  • Capturing Forms Data
  • Image data capture, microfilms and tapes data capture
  • Legal records data capture

Choose Om Data Entry India for Outsourcing Data Capture Services

  • Data is the treasure of a company and so we focus on the security of your data and keep it confidential with the use of our high security systems.
  • To be at the edge of the competition with the leading businesses, we offer you quality services within the stipulated time frame so that you get the desired success and beat the competitors.
  • We also offer a free trial run to get the sample of your project so that we can showcase our data entry abilities and skills and win your trust.
  • The advanced tools and methodologies are the one that makes us different from other data entry service providers as we have in-house experts that makes it possible to design the various tools to perform better.
  • The data entry pricing that we offer is so much economic that it reduces your operational cost up to 65% and give you desired results.

If you are looking to outsource your data capturing work, please contact us to get a quote today and we will provide you with the best cost effective outsourcing services.



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