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Data Formatting Services

Data Formatting Services

Data is important for the existence and continuity of any business or organization and having the perfect error free data is the key of smooth operation. Organizational data face errors like redundancy, misplaced facts and figures and outdated information. As the data is reconstructed into a required form, the information becomes easily accessible and handy. The storage of data in various forms has become a keen need in today’s competitive world, we make sure that the data is portable in different ways and is not restricted to any one form.

Leading businesses have to keep their records of potential customer’s information or present customer’s information up to date so that relevant data is maintained and duplicate or void data is avoided in the database. Outsourcing data formatting work to Om Data Entry India provides best data formatting and cleansing services for updating the database. Our company gives data formatting services that involve data formatting such as size, fonts, text, cases [lower/upper/title], color consistency, data validation, abbreviations, phone number formatting, subtotals, postal addresses, Zip Code etc. as per specifications. Outsource your requirements and get back to focus on your core business operations, we will take care of your database.

Data Cleansing or Data Formatting Includes:

Data Correction:

The data correction is used for the information entered in the correct place, i.e. data written in the text are located in the field of text only and not in the field of numbers or elsewhere. Also the other information is placed in appropriately.

Address Updating:

Data cleansing help to identify that the addresses and other information as contact about your company are corrected for the potential clients as well as other contacts.

Records Filtering:

Filtering will keep the relevant data and can be used to access with high accuracy and relevance. Every record of your business, clients, company and other information are checked thoroughly to trash the false or void data to assure that the information is valid.

Standardize Database:

All the parameters present in the database are standardized for uniformity where spelling errors, missing data like zip codes, country codes, mail id etc. are filled up.

Duplication Removal:

Duplicate data is of no use and is not relevant for any business. Errors like this increase the data but create unnecessary doubts and might lead to our potential clients to get disturbed by repetitive contacting.

Conversion of Upper/Lower Case Names:

Customers and clients have always shown a cognizance to the companies recalling the names correctly and in the right order. Data formatting includes sorting of names and correction of cases wherever required for easier operations.

Why to Outsource Data Formatting at Om Data Entry India?

We are leading outsourcing data formatting service company. Outsourcing to us can lead your business a hassle free solution of data formatting. Om Data Entry India will assure you:

  • Our data formatting services usually includes formatting a particular set of data or converting them from one form to another by processing data with different formatting methods.
  • The highly skilled team with excellence in formatting will deliver your desired outputs in a wide array of formats.
  • Outsourcing data formatting and cleansing services will make data consistent and valid, as custom generated scripts or macros are prepared to synthesize the data in specified formats.
  • Various companies across the globe, including Telecommunication, Banking, and Retail, Transportation, Insurance, Marketing and many more, outsource their data formatting services to update their database and optimize the same to save the resources used in data formatting.
  • Our company offers fast turn around time and cost effective outsourcing services at a very cost effective pricing.
  • Our quality check team, make your database error free and our customer support team helps you to solve your queries around the clock.
  • Outsource your data formatting projects and get the customized solutions for all your data entry based requirements that perfectly suits your business.

Get in touch with Om Data Entry India today to outsource all your Data Formatting and Cleansing requirements. Also get the benefit of our Free trial and check the quality that we say about.


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