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University Transcription Services

Do you seek university transcription services? If you wish to outsource the long and time-consuming transcription work to an expert professional who can deliver the best quality results and timely services, then you are at the perfect place. This decision can do smart work and get you benefited. If you outsource to a university transcription company, you can get accurate, quality-bound results within the stipulated time frames. The university transcription outsourcing service includes transcribing routine lectures, seminars, conferences, discussions, etc. Important thesis and research papers are needed to be recorded for the references and research work along with the accurate transcription of audio as well as video files in various formats to meet the deadlines and requirements.

The outsourcing of university transcription helps the students and universities to get the notes and study material prepared most conveniently. It also helps the students in their research work and in preparing the thesis with their required format. The high-quality results offered by the outsourcing service provider and proficient transcribers are unmatchable and that gives the edge competition to the top universities. Om Data Entry India is a leading India-based outsourcing transcription service provider company that has assured quality and the fastest delivery results. Our competent transcribers are having deep knowledge of software and various methods to transcribe the files efficiently.

Our University Transcription Services

We cater to various formats of audio and video transcriptions in different file formats. Our university transcription service includes:

We have a strong team of professional transcribers, trained to deliver high-end results and offer a world-class quality of transcription services to our clientele across the globe from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, New Zealand, etc.

Our University Transcription Outsourcing Procedure

Our expert team of transcription understands the importance of perfect transcripts and so to get the best results for you, we have crafted the step-wise workflow of our outsourcing solutions. Here is how we get to the best outcomes on time:

1. Receive the Files:

After you approve our free sample, we get the required files and data from your end in your convenient format.

2. Analyze Data:

This data is then processed and examined by our team to choose the appropriate methods and tools.

3. Start Transcription:

Then, we start the transcription with utmost precision and as per your informed formatting.

4. Quality Control:

The files are passed through stringent quality check stages to remove any typos or errors if present.

5. Submission:

Perfect final files are ready to be delivered to you within the deadlines via secured FTP servers.

Free Trial Run: Give us a chance to showcase our quality transcripts and accurate results before commencing the project. Try our free sample for your project piece and we will revert to you within 48 hours with the best solutions.

Need to Outsource University Transcription Services

1. With the help of transcription services, students, as well as professors, can make their university more productive and easier.

2. In addition to creating test questions, assignments, and reviews of student questions, lecturers can use the transcript to add new ideas to their presentations.

3. Professors save time through transcription as they don't have to put down or wait for students to complete writing down their notes before moving on to the next slide or page.

4. The professor will record the lecture and provide it to the students for transcription; they will then use it as a resource for reading.

5. To free up time for other tasks like research, assignments, and extracurricular activities, students and professors might outsource the transcription to professionally trained transcriptionists.

6. Since students are not stopping to take notes, they listen to the lectures with few interruptions. More information will be retained by them, and they will have the ability to ask questions. As a result, transcribing enhances comprehension, which boosts academic performance.

Choose Om Data Entry India as Your Trusted Outsourcing Partner

  • Our company has been working in this industry for the last 9+ years and has delivered satisfactory results to various clients around the globe.
  • We deliver the most accurate and quality-adhering results with the help of our quality check team that is working throughout the day to meet your business requirements.
  • As we have a proficient and skilled team of transcribers to provide quality results and thus, we can get excellent outcomes.As we have a proficient and skilled team of transcribers to provide the quality results and thus we are able to get excelled outcomes.
  • Om Data Entry India has been focusing on the budget requirements of your business and thus provides cost-effective services according to your needs and scale.
  • When you outsource transcription services to us, we assure you to get top-quality results within the time limits.
  • Our security terms are quite strong and you can be assured of data confidentiality as we use the highly secured FTP server for transferring the business data.
  • We are also providing the Free Trial Run for your sample work and you can check the quality of our services.

Om Data Entry India is a leading outsourcing service provider company that is known for the high quality of work and the security of the data. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about all our outsource transcription and data entry services.

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