ePub Conversion Services

ePub Conversion Services

With everything conventional being converted into electronic forms, how can books be left out. EPub file formats are gaining popularity due to their adaptability for various eBook reading software, hardware and application compatibility packages. Publishers are now turning towards the online book-reading websites, as they provide a wider approach to readers across the globe. EPub conversion services are here to help such aspiring publishers, authors, libraries and businesses to convert their books into ePub formats to compete neck to neck with other publications.

Om Data Entry India provides highly customizable ePub conversion solutions which offers you various file formats to choose from for your books. Our experts are trained to handle all types of source files like PDF, MS Word, Quark, InDesign, HTML, XML, hard/ scanned copies, manuscripts, etc. and convert them into the ePub formatting files. Our cost-affordable services have helped innumerable companies across the globe from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. To reach their desirable goals of flourishing businesses. Avail our professional ePub conversion services today to get the most of this widely preferred digital file format.

Increasing Demands of ePub File Formats

The ePub file format is a publishing format for books to keep their content in a reflowable fashion over various platforms. EPub has its standards set by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) who ensures the compatibility of ePub formats over various e-reader applications. EPub is the enhanced standard for eBooks as it has the advantages of other formats such as XHTML, open office, etc. It is compatible over all the electronic devices, smart phones, tablets, kindle and reader-dedicated devices like the Bookworm, Calibre, Cool-ER, Hanlin eReader, Sony Reader, etc. Due to its user-friendly formatting systems, it becomes easier to edit, format and create books on the ePub files. It also is very helpful to create interactive online books which include videos, audios, moving text and animations to keep the user amused while reading. These limitless benefits are luring publishers to plump for ePub books to increase their market searches and interoperability between hard and software. ePub conversion services are also employing these benefits for those who want to enhance their publishing standards.

Why are E-Readers Opting for ePub Books?

Along with publishers, booklovers are also finding ePub books more comfortable to read because of the variety of adaptability it offers:

  • EPub books can be accessed over any size and shape of the device and the contents will automatically adapt to the screen size.
  • For users of Linux computers- FBReader, for iPods- Stanza and for Windows and MAC PCs- Adobe Digital Edition versions are available that are specially designed for best results with ePub file formats.
  • Online free ePub downloading websites also offer a wide range of categories for ePub books to read from.
  • With front-to-back book formats, content table, illustrations and reviews available online, the user get almost the same experience as with the traditional paper-backs.
  • For readers across different nations, ePub offers multilingual book formats, so that every user can enjoy the advantages of online book-reading.

All these make it clear for the publishers that it is time for them to outsource ePub conversion services for their books.

A Variety of ePub Services Offered by Om Data Entry India

With the availability of a wide range of compatibility of ePub file formats, Om Data Entry India, an ePub conversion company, offers conversions through different source file formats like Quark, HTML, XML, 3B2, RTF, InDesign, PDF, etc. with the highest levels of accuracy and creativity. Our experts can perform conversions in ePub, ePub 2.0.1, ePub3 versions as per our clients’ requirements. Our skilled team uses CSS and other formatting tools to ensure that the formatted files achieve successful validation through the IDPF standards and are ready sale and distribution through the renowned eBook applications.

Why is Om Data Entry India Most Reliable ePub Conversion Services Company?

We have been serving clients for the ePub3 conversion services for a long time and our experts have got a hang of how things work in such conversion projects. Among the endless reasons that make us the best outsourcing company out there, here are a few:

Customized Solutions:

We understand the requirements of our clients to serve them with only the best of our best services by providing them with meticulously tailored solutions.

Expertise of Skilled Team:

Due to years of experience, our talented ePub converters use the latest technologies to generate error-free results.

First Class Quality:

Om Data Entry India never compromises in the quality and precision of their final products and you are assured of only the best results always.

Creative Ideas:

The creative team at our company is always getting innovative ideas to enhance the quality of book-reading for your customers by including interactive elements in your ePub files.

Cost-effective Rates:

Our affordable rates are one of the reasons for companies to rely on our ePub services and saving up to 50% of their budget.

Quick TAT:

Higher quality products will be submitted to you before the deadlines so that further variations in the projects can be performed smoothly.

Data Security:

Secured FTP servers and confidentiality agreements ensure you that your data is safe and secure with us without the fear of data loss or stealth.

Customer Support Centre:

If you occur to have any other queries regarding our services, you may feel free to contact us any time through our customer support and we will get back to you with appropriate solutions.

Make Om Data Entry India your ePub conversion services outsourcing partner and get beneficial from our high-end services today. Contact us today to try the Free Trial Run of our affordable conversion services!

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