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Corporate Transcription Services

If you are having records of audios or videos of corporate or business world meetings, seminars, webinars, etc., and want them converted into proficient transcripts, then outsourcing corporate transcription services is the finest alternative for you. Every organization has to record the business meetings or conference calls for future references. This work needs concentration and only the experts who have high skills in this work can transcript best results. If you choose an outsourcing partner company in India, it will get you access to the expert transcribers at affordable rates. Om Data Entry India is a reliable corporate transcription company offering professional help to your non-core work as transcription of your recordings.

When you have these files in audio or video formats, then outsourcing this work to experts will get you more accurate results. Keeping these records is very important as they can be used for future decision making and thus, they should be transcribed very precisely with details covered properly. Outsourcing the corporate transcription services can get you access to skilled people without any disturbance in your core business operations. Consequently, you will also get the benefit of high customer satisfaction. Om Data Entry India is a steadfast partner company trusted by numerous clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, etc. We have been working in this field since 5+ years and are dedicated to offer you satisfying results.

We Offer Following Corporate Transcription Services

Om Data Entry India hires professional transcribers for delivery of outsourcing results to various clients for their corporate transcription needs at affordable prices for the below services:

Interview Transcripts -

For recording interview data, we perform interview transcripts of your potential employees and their interview data for your database.

Conference Transcripts -

There are various business calls online or offline that need to be transcribed and converted into text files for easy analysis and data collection purpose.

Seminar Transcripts -

If you have any seminars or webinars series tapes to be transcribed and telecast online hire our professional team for standard quality seminar transcription.

Business Transcripts -

We transcribe online meetings, conferences, administrative proceedings, seminars, etc., and provide you high quality results with precision.

Focus Group Transcripts -

To manage your notes and group discussion materials, it is essential to get a focus group transcribed for converting such records into text documents.

General Transcripts -

If you have any audio file to be transcribed in the digital form or want to convert in the digital form, we will perform high end transcription services for the same.

Audio/Video Transcripts -

All types of audio and video files are transcribed by our skilled team with quality driven results for your corporate transcription services at affordable prices.

Free Trial Run - Judge our quality services before outsourcing the final transcription project. Give us your sample project and get definite results within 48 hours. Contact our customer support team for more details.

Benefits of Outsourcing Corporate Transcription Services

To stand in today’s competitive world, you always need to focus more on your main business activities. Transcription of business related gatherings, seminars, meetings, conferences, etc., is a helping hand for you to perform better. Although it is a tiring job, it has to be done precisely for the better guidance of future business activities.

Outsourcing companies like Om Data Entry India have a skilled team of experts who with their experience in the transcription services give their best outputs for the contentment of customer’s requirements. Once you outsource the corporate transcription services you do not have to handle the paper transcripts as they will be digitized with the latest software and tools. Outsourcing will help you get rid of this undesired trouble and provide you with safer formats to keep these transcripts safe and easy to access.

Process to Perform Corporate Transcription Service in India

The stepwise and proven methods are performed by our professional transcribers to give you highly accurate results and quick delivery of corporate transcription services:

Step 1 -

Collect the audio file of corporate transcription recordings along with other details regarding the transcription work.

Step 2 -

We scrutinize the audio file for selecting most suitable methods and tools to get corporate data converted into text files.

Step 3 -

Our team will perform corporate transcription services as per your business needs and top-notch quality results assured.

Step 4 -

We perform quality check round to ensure error free data on text file for your corporate transcripts.

Step 5 -

You will receive the final file of the transcription project via secured servers once the process is complete.

Features of Outsourcing Corporate Transcription Services at Om Data Entry India

If you still think about what you will get by outsourcing, here are the benefits of our corporate transcription services:

  • Use of latest technology and methods for better results
  • Team of skilled transcribers having great expertise in transcription
  • Transcription of every audio or video format desired
  • Cost effective prices that suit your budget
  • Customized solutions for business requirements
  • High quality and high accuracy outcomes
  • Quick turnaround time offered by verbatim
  • Use of stringent security systems for transfer of confidential documents

Try our free trial run to get the benefit of our best in class services or contact our customer support helpdesk for more information. Get the best corporate transcription services quote today!

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