Focus Group Transcription Services

Focus Group Transcription Services

There are many types of group interactions found in the day to day schedule of any business organization. It is necessary to gather the ideas, thoughts and opinions from different people with a different mindset. If you outsource the focus group transcription, you are able to get the help of experts for transcribing data as it requires qualified skills to transcript the group talks when more than one person is speaking at a time. There can be debates, financial planning, board meetings or group discussions, etc. which needs to be documented properly. Every part of the discussion is important in the decision making procedure and thus it is necessary to get the most out of it. By outsourcing focus group transcription you can achieve the goal.

When you outsource to a focus group transcription company, then you will get a reliable and efficient result as the professionals are able to cater you high quality services with fast turnaround time and cost effective services. If you outsource to Om Data Entry India you are able to focus on the core business activities and need not to worry about the documentation of your important audio and video files. The advanced methods and tools used by the outsourcing companies will get the most reliable results and keep you ahead in the competitive era.

We have Focus Group Transcription Services as Follows

Our company offers high quality end-to-end outsourcing services with affordable prices and keeps your business data secured. So some of the outsourced transcription services that we offer under focus group transcription are as follows:

  • Group discussions
  • Group interviews
  • Board meetings
  • Financial planning sessions
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Tutorials and lectures
  • Workshops, conferences and seminars
  • Market research discussions

We assure you the customized solutions for all the above mentioned services and will get you the best outputs within the stipulated time frame.

Process for Outsourcing Focus-Group Transcription Services

The pre-defined process to perform Focus-Group transcription services for our global clients from USA, Australia, Canada, UK, UAE, etc. by our expert transcriptionists is given as follows:

Collect Focus-Group File:

Our team will receive the Focus-Group video/ audio file to be transcribed with all relevant details.

Process Focus-Group Audio:

We go through the video file and analyze the data to scrutinize the best possible tool for transcription.

Perform Audio Transcription:

Expert transcribers will perform Focus-Group transcription with high-end accuracy and efficiency.

Proofread Text:

To give you flawless and error free database, we perform quality check round and achieve 99.9% precision.

Text File Submission:

Get your Focus-Groups transcribed with high accuracy and within the stipulated time frames with desired file formats.

Customer Feedback:

Let us know if you have any queries or require minor changes in the transcription file and our experts will do the same quickly.

Benefits of Outsourcing Focus Group Transcription

Outsourcing the transcription services assure you the best quality services by experts at affordable prices and the output are delivered within the time frames with high security. The main advantages of outsourcing the focus group transcription are:

  • Superior quality of output and high confidentiality of business data
  • There is a huge reduction in the operational cost of your company
  • You can outsource the work to save on time, money and resources
  • Outsourcing can get you external help of experts and professionals
  • The complex work can be done by skilled team efficiently
  • It makes your resources focus on core business activities
  • There is no need to hire transcription professionals in-house
  • Customized solutions are catered to meet the business requirements.

Outsourcing Solutions at Om Data Entry India

When you are looking for outsourcing your business transcription work, you must be having the expectations to get better at the most reasonable rates. So, here we are a leading outsourcing company to solve all your transcriptions related queries and offer you the customized solutions that meet your business requirements in the given budget.

Avail Affordable Prices:

As a leading outsourcing company, we offer you with the cost effective solutions within the stipulated time frame.

Get High Quality Results:

Our professionals are trained to give the desired results on time with top-rated accuracy and cutting-edge quality.

Deliver Quick Outputs:

We offer a flexible staffing method for the large volume of works that helps your business to get the work done on time.

High Data Security:

The confidentiality of your business data is our main priority and thus we use most secure FTP server for the transfer of your audio and video files.

Expert QC Team:

We have a strong team for quality check that assures the output delivered to you is error free and matches all your requirements.

Customer Support Help Desk:

Our customer support team is always ready to get the solution of all your queries and is available for you around the clock.

Get in touch with us today and send us your sample project for a Free Trial Run to get our high quality results and get the benefit of our cost effective outsourcing services solutions. Get the perfect focus group transcription quote here at Om Data Entry India only.

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