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Outsource Indexing Services

In India, there is a large talent pool of data entry experts and professionals for doing your indexing or archival services at cost affordable prices. Outsourcing such non-core work like data indexing services to our specialized team at Om Data Entry India will convert your paper documents into a smart database where the retrieval of your data becomes easier at any point of time and you can get access to all your files from anywhere as we try to keep the data handy. Our sophisticated and state of the art technology offers our global clients 100% satisfaction of our document indexing services and they can focus on the core business activities with greater ease.

We scrutinize the data from your business documents and categories the same as per your desired tags to make the information searchable and easy retrieval of past documents data. In the competitive era, we want you to get at the edge of the competition and leverage time consuming data indexing work to our experts. Outsourcing indexing services to Om Data Entry India will save on your budget and provides you best quality results within the minimum turnaround. It is a smart way to get the paper documents converted into digital one by data indexing or data archiving services to keep the information handy and make the database accessible from anywhere at any time.

Our Following Data Indexing Services helps you in Database Management

Om Data Entry India offers a perfect combination of people and technology to cater you with utmost quality results. We are specialized in following data indexing services:

    Document Indexing:

    We provide tagging and associate the documents with particular information in the files so that you can have the data in the easy searchable manner and can use the same as per your business needs.

    Archiving Services:

    Our archiving services are offering the easy retrieval of past documents and data that is not in the sorted manner. We archive the data from various documents and co-relate the information to other files and get the related information also on hands of the user.

    Book Indexing:

    Team at our company offers smart book indexing services which make the important topics and information easy to go through the index and also make it user friendly as the data becomes more sorted and easy to find in books.

    Image Indexing:

    We do photo tagging and indexing from your piles of images in the business where the information is received in the pictorial way and make your data on images easily searchable from various images as per the specifications provided by you.

    Invoice Indexing:

    In some industries, invoices are generated in bulk and it is quite difficult to manage them on such a high volume, thus we provide invoice indexing services to keep your invoices sorted and indexed as per the business requirements that can be used to get the information quickly from anywhere in the database.

    Keyword Indexing:

    We do keyword indexing to get the keywords extracted from a document on the basis of needs and importance of keyword in the document and thus we also offer cross referencing of keywords from various documents to get easy access to data from files.

    Metadata Indexing:

    The meta data is not so easy to find as the information is available in bulk thus we offer metadata indexing services to extract the data in the most convenient way and also associate the data with records available.

    Legal Document Indexing:

    We index the legal documents with legal records and keep the information that is highly important for legal procedures on your finger tips also the case records and legal files are easy to search through our legal document indexing services.

    Catalog, Journal Indexing:

    As our team is expert in all type of indexing work, it is quite easy to create a journal or catalog indexing that makes your data easy to found and record in a sorted manner so that it can be retrieved easily.

    Semantic Indexing:

    For logical documents, we offer semantic indexing that uses a specific algorithm to index the data and also archive the data for keeping the information from a logical type easy to access.

    Bibliographic Indexing: :

    In the contents of any literature documents, it is hard to find a specific data like author details and other words to the topic. Thus we perform bibliographic indexing to make the data easily searchable from the literature documents.

    Full Profile Indexing:

    In this, we do full profile indexing like a company or a set of products and sort all the information of that particular profile as per the specifications and needs of your business so that you can get easy access of the same.

    OCR text conversion and Indexing:

    In our OCR indexing service, we convert the OCR data into text and then do the indexing of data so that the information from the OCR documents can be retrieved at the most convenient way. It will make your paper work eliminated and keep the data stored with less space and more sorted.

Why to Outsource Document Indexing Service in India?

Om Data Entry India is a trusted outsourcing company and our expert team has delivered the best in class quality results for document indexing and archiving services. The document indexing services is the art of storing data in a manner that the information is easy to retrieve and searchable with less time. It is better to outsource the data indexing services to convert the paper documents into digital one and get the information handy at the most affordable prices as outsourcing to India is cost effective as compared to other countries. Avail the benefits of our specialized team of experts to outsource your indexing services.

Choose your Ideal Outsourcing Partner for Indexing Services

Our expert team follows a proven method and process for the bulk email marketing service. When you outsource bulk email marketing work to us, we start as:

  • Om Data Entry India provides you desired results along with high accuracy.
  • Our experts are trained in a way to provide you superior quality document indexing services.
  • We offer quick turnaround time to you so that no delay occurs in your work.
  • Despite of fast delivery of results our quality of work is not compromised.
  • We provide services with cost effective prices and it helps you to save a lot on your budget.
  • Our company has equipped with cutting edge technology, software and techniques required for the completion of your work with high efficiency.
  • We have servers with secured firewalls and high confidentiality so that none of your data is misused.
  • Our customer support team is available 24*7 to solve your queries and problems.

Get in touch with us and feel free to contact us any time to discuss regarding your data indexing services requirements. We will get you a free trial run to check the quality of our indexing services.


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