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Capturing Data From Scanned Invoice Document in Image Form and Data Entry Into Clients Systems

Client Profile

The client is having a consultancy and help medical centers and other vendors across USA to process their medical bills and purchase invoices and to accelerate the processes of billing. They are a professional team of experts with wide customer care centers and other vendor network within various states of America to provide them excellent, accurate and quick online invoice billing services.

Project Summary

The project of data capturing service aims to deliver highly accurate, quality driven and with high speed data entry work of invoice data captured from image of PDF file. Our client required data conversion from digital files into their own database system for performing other operations of their invoice processing work. They extended their business by outsourcing invoice data entry and data capturing work to our company.

Client Requirements

  • The client wanted us to capture data from various invoices available in image format or PDF format and enter the same into their systems accurately.
  • Data capture work should be recorded in the excel files for making a work status report and was requested to be submitted on a regular basis.
  • There are various parameters needed to be taken care of, given by the client along with specifications such as invoice type, invoice date, invoice number, sender and receiver details, etc.
  • Our client demanded for error free and timely data capturing as well as data entry work performance by our team at Om Data Entry India.
  • He required formatted database of all the invoice data captured and entered into their system with specific details to me mentioned.

Process of PDF Splitting Work

We collect login details from client and open the system for entering the captured data.

Step 1 -

Our team performs data capturing work as per the instructions and specifications given.

Step 2 -

Our team performs data capturing work as per the instructions and specifications given.

Step 3 -

The quality check team of our company assures error free data capturing and data entry work.

Step 4 -

We create excel sheet records of the file data captured with specific details as per request.

Step 5 -

Our customer support team sends the records to client for records and supervision purpose.

Challenges Faced

  • The invoices had many queries as cannot find important data.
  • It was quite difficult to manage invoice duplications due to system errors.
  • Captured data cannot be modified once processed by our system.
  • For complex or long invoices it requires more time to capture data.
  • Excel data entry also created problems if not done accurately.

Solutions Given by Team

The expert team at Om Data Entry India was able to manage the project with high efficiency and delivered their best to our client. We separated the work on the basis of complexity and with mutual understanding of team members we were able to deliver results within the given deadlines. Our excel sheets helped us to maintain the records, solve the queries and easy to find and correct errors. Our technical support team helped us with all the odd situations and made the client happy and satisfied.

Quick Actions

  • Keeping records of PDF files to avoid duplications.
  • Maintaining entries of various invoices for QC purpose.
  • Experts used tricks to perform fast data entry work.
  • There were minimum errors found that increased the efficiency.


Our USA based client was very happy to see the top quality and excellent precision work delivered by our team within their stipulated time ranges. We catered results with high accuracy up to 99% and with very few queries during the project. The client appreciated our team work and services delivered along with extra offerings to the team as a token of appreciation. He also promised to work in the future and also currently working with our company.

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