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The way information is stored in a file is determined by the file format. It's commonly represented by a three or four letter extension after the file name. Every bit of information is in a different format and it must be sorted and managed appropriately to reduce the chances of data loss or damage. Professionals in the ever-growing technical industry have created new and better file formats that are even more difficult for a beginner to use and understand. Although MS-Word is installed with its collection of data converters, the results are not always reliable. This is the reason why many companies choose to outsource file conversion services.

Om Data Entry India is an ISO certified and leading file conversion company, that offers you professional file format conversion services at a reliable price. Our experienced data conversion experts use the latest software to convert any text, PDF, PPT, Word, Image, etc., files into alternate formats. We have been serving clients from across the globe, from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., with our world-class services and received satisfactory feedback. Now you will no longer have to use your valuable resources for this tedious task. Outsource file conversion projects to us and get access to experienced data conversion specialists who will competently upgrade your database management operations.

Why Do You Need to Convert File Formats?

Organizations have to face large volumes of data in all formats that enter their system. This data when combined for a specific purpose causes a lot of disorder as some content may not be compatible with other formats. File format converters can often misinterpret some of the other information, eventually leading to wrong results. Specialized file format conversion services can be outsourced to receive customized solutions pertaining to your business model. File conversion can get you easy access to all your data in your desired format ready for editing and modifying. This will reduce the risk of data loss at an extended level and also help your resources to manage information ingeniously. Several file formats can convert in a variety of ways, including animations, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, movies, databases, spreadsheets, documents, and music.

File Conversion Service Inclusions Offered by Om Data Entry India

Om Data Entry India uses a deliberate combination of manual and technological approaches to convert all of your files into the desired format in a structured and accurate manner. We offer you a wide range of file format conversion services as:

Text File Conversion -

Text files may seem easy to convert but minute errors in their spacing and formatting can change the meaning of the original sentences when they are converted into different formats. We offer text file conversion services to and from DOC, DOCX, HTML conversion service, XML conversion services, WPD, MCW, ASC, ANS, LWP, TXT, RTF, CSV, PDF conversion services, etc., file formats.

Image File Conversion -

Raster and vector images have different pixel and color setting and their conversion should be done by experienced hands only. Our image file conversion services cover JPEG, BMP, TIFF, RAW, PNG, and GIF in raster formats and CGM, SVG, etc., in vector formats.

Audio File Conversion -

Many devices allow only specific formats of audio files and so you have to convert other audio files without changing their audio settings. We perform audio file conversions for MP2, M4A, MPGA, MID, etc., formats using the latest conversion software only.

Video File Conversion -

Just like audio files, conversion of formats of video files becomes essential to use its data efficiently. Video formats like AVI, DivX, MPG, VOB, WMV, 3GP, etc., are converted under the video file conversion service.

Markup Language File Conversion -

Markup languages file conversion like HTML, XML, SGML, and XHTML can be interchanged to access the advantages of all computer languages. Our experts perform these services using various conversion platforms taking care of the tagging and attributes used.

Our creative team is also available to provide you with tailored solutions that meet up to all your requirements and you may feel free to contact our customer support team for any further queries regarding this.

How is it Advantageous to Outsource File Format Conversion in India?

File format conversion has become an easy process due to advances in technology and software. However, not all conversions take place with the press of a button. Professional file conversion services are familiar with a wide range of file formats and have the ability, knowledge, and software needed to do simple to complex file conversions.

India is full of young talented minds with the knowledge of various data conversion software and their applications. The cheaper market prices for the essential data conversion equipment contribute to the preference of India-based outsourcing file conversion companies over others. Om Data Entry India has such an excellent team known to finish their assigned task within the stipulated time frames. Outsourcing to us will help you to focus more on your core business operations and your resources would be able to function efficiently leading you to success soon. Leverage our experienced team and get the best core competence in your business today!

Avail of Our Cost-Effective File Conversion Solutions

Om Data Entry India is your one-stop solution for all the file format conversion services. Make us your outsourcing partner and avail the following benefits for your company:

High Quality and Precision -

We perform a number of stringent quality check rounds to ensure high accuracy in every one of our final results.

Updated Software and Tools -

Our experts regularly upgrade the software used for impeccable data conversion work like converting all major file formats, including older word and spreadsheet formats to MS Excel, WordPerfect, and PDF without affecting the content or fundamental formatting. Our workplace is equipped with all the tools to create a productive working environment.

Access to Conversion Experts -

A team full of expertise and experience of many years knows their way around the most complex conversion file queries even in a short time frame.

On-Time Delivery -

Our flexible staffing methods and dedicated conversion team can provide you with finished products before the end of the deadline.

Affordable Pricing -

Om Data Entry India offers the most reliable rates for the best-in-class services so that you can save on your budget.

Personalized Solutions -

All your needs and requirements will be taken care of by our creative team with their tailored solutions for your file format conversion.

Security of Data -

Our secured FTP servers and confidentiality contracts ensure the safety of your business data and protect it from any malicious virus attack as well.

Customer Support Team -

You can contact our all-time available customer support team to solve your queries and doubts regarding our conversion services. Our dedicated team goes beyond that to perform difficult jobs, handle issues, and meet deadlines. Come and be the Judge of our services yourself. Try the free trial run of our file conversion services to understand our working procedure. Get the best quote on our affordable file conversion services today!

Come and be the Judge of our services yourself. Try the free trial run of our file conversion services to understand our working procedure. Get the best quote of our affordable file conversion services today!

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