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PDF To Excel Or Word Data Entry Services

Outsource PDF to Excel Data Entry & PDF to Word Data Entry Services

In various organizations the most common requirement is of the PDF conversion. Converting a PDF document to MS-EXCEL or Word and vice versa, it is popular in business format. Commonly, PDF is used as Input formats by companies to provide information to customers. It is one of the most widely-shared electronic file formats. PDF allows proper drafting and structuring of data. The size of the PDF files is smaller than the original file.

Many organizations have electronic data or hard copy of the files which they need to convert into PDF documents. We can convert PDF to MS Excel or MS Word. Outsourcing the data conversion from PDF to other format is the basic need for any organization. In India, there is a large talent pool that involves data entry experts and thus outsourcing data entry services to India will reduce the operational cost. Outsource the tedious conversion work and you can focus on your core business targets to be in the competitive world and rule it, so choose us as your outsourcing partner and get the benefits of our services today.

Why to Outsource Data Conversion?

Outsourcing the data conversion of different files and formats are necessary as the database should be in simple formats and not any complex file or format. In order to do the work of conversion, it needs a lot of time and efforts of your valuable resources of the company and thus it will increase your cost of operations. The one stop solution for your data entry work is to outsource it to a reliable data entry service provider and get the benefit of outsourcing services.

The experienced and skilled operators are doing your work, so you can rely on the quality of services and also the work done will be faster and completed within the stipulated time frame. If you outsource the work you do not need to worry about the non-core work of your business and you can get an expert’s help for all your outsourcing data entry projects.

Available Conversions From PDF Files into Other Formats

  • PDF to MS-Word
  • PDF to MS-Excel
  • PDF to IMG
  • PDF to JPEG
  • PDF to TXT

Choose Om Data Entry Your Outsourcing Partner

  • PDF conversion at, Om Data Entry India is highly accurate and with fast turnaround time, we believe in delivery of work within stipulated time frame.
  • Our company focus on the quality services that are without the compromise of time delay and the pricing of the services are according to your budget as we offer customized solutions.
  • Your business Data is kept secure and protected, as we do not compromise with data safety and offer a customized solution for your business.
  • Our experts use advanced tools and methodologies to deliver exceptional outcomes that will help your business to achieve the desired goals.
  • As a leading company and with a vast experience in the data entry business, we are capable of doing a large volume of work within the given time frame not compromising the quality.
  • We provide customized solutions for all your data entry work as per your business requirements.
  • Om Data Entry India specializes in online data entry services and provides a world class quality and high accuracy data entry services at affordable cost.

If you are looking to outsource your file conversions from PDF to MS Word or Excel formats, choose our company for all your outsourcing work and get the lowest prices today.


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