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Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is an electronic system that converts digital documents into machine-editable text automatically. OCR is a more advanced concept than keystroke data entry in terms of speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The format, layout, or fonts are not compromised and it gives you the best quality result. The OCR technology is used to convert the data into digital form paper documents and save on the storage space. The digital files are easy to save, edit and update and thus it is beneficial to use OCR and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology.

When you outsource OCR services to professional OCR companies based in India, you do not have to occupy resources for scanning or updating files manually. In India, skilled professionals with expertise in OCR services are available at Om Data Entry India. As an ISO-certified company, we are known for the best quality OCR work offered at a very affordable price. You can focus on core business operations to improve your business strategies and efficiency of operations through these services. Thus, outsource OCR services to our company and witness the drastic development of your business.

OCR Services Offered at Om Data Entry India

Our company has experience of over 9+ years in providing OCR services to global clientele from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, UAE, etc., and has a strong team of experts to perform outsourced OCR services. From the variety of our outsourcing solutions, we have OCR services as below:

  • OCR for online products
  • OCR for bulk invoices
  • OCR of handwritten data
  • OCR of black writing
  • OCR of color writing
  • OCR for account statements
  • OCR for coupon redemption
  • OCR of legal documents
  • OCR for insurance claims
  • OCR for survey reports
  • OCR of medical reports and more.

Om Data Entry India even offers meticulously tailored OCR services with high accuracy and high turnaround time. Our services are cost-effective and deliver world-class results for OCR services.

Our Value-Added Services for OCR

Om Data Entry India provides special services for OCR cleanup and bulk volume projects in order to give you customized solutions as per your business requirements. Our other OCR services offerings are as below:

OCR Cleanup Services:

In this service, we do the cleanup of OCR files and invoices in general. As the OCR invoices are generated in electronic format, there may be some issues with the document conversion process and it requires fragmentation of the documents. To get accurate invoice results with zero error, we offer OCR cleanup services for your digital invoices. Outsourcing an OCR company for cleanup solutions will save your efforts and time for such non-core operations.

OCR For Bulk Invoices:

Bulk invoices are converted into the desired format through OCR technology. Our team of OCR experts has immense knowledge and expertise in offering OCR services with excellent outputs. We offer cost-effective bulk volume invoice processing or OCR services for your company. Outsourcing OCR services to India for bulk volume invoice work will save your time and budget. Om Data Entry India is your one-stop solution for providing OCR and OCR cleanup services for bulk volumes.

Process to Perform OCR Services We Follow

Our OCR experts have been practicing some methods efficiently in order to perform the OCR services with high precision and top quality. The process followed by our team is:

Receive OCR Files -

From your company staff, we collect the data of OCR to be converted into the digital form and process it to understand your business needs. It is necessary to get all specifications and instructions provided by your company.

Analyze the Data -

Before taking the work on hand, we analyze the best possible method to perform your OCR work through our free trial run service by understanding your sample project. You can get the desired file format for your data.

Get OCR Processing -

Once the method and tools to perform the OCR service are ready, our team of expert professionals will get you the best quality results within the stipulated time frames. We serve you with top quality and high accuracy OCR results.

Quality Check Round -

OCR companies in India are very professional and thus perform strict quality check rounds in accordance to meet the quality standards and assure to deliver what we have promised at Om Data Entry India.

Submit the Digital File -

We are ready to serve you top-notch quality service, our professionals will send you the final file of converted data of OCR files in the desired file format and within the stipulated time frames.

OCR Services Can Change the Way Your Business Progresses

India has a large pool of talented professionals who can efficiently and cost-effectively handle non-core operations. Outsourcing OCR services to an Indian company will significantly reduce your operating costs. The usage of advanced tools to accurately convert information from hard documents into Word or PDF files is another advantage. It will become much easier to handle data and keep information accessible. OCR services also makes high-volume scanning easier. Text, HTML, PDF, Word, XLS, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, and other file formats are accessible for OCR data.

The data conversion experts convert a large amount of data within the stipulated time frames. It will make your important resources free from tedious and time-consuming OCR work. The security of your data is assured with our confidential FTP server systems. Outsourcing OCR services to an Indian company is beneficial in coping with changing technology and allows risk-free business operations. Optical Character Recognition services give your business a new spark to have an online database and no papers to be handled, making it quite easy to find proper information. India is a growing destination for outsourcing and can give you high benefits for your business operations.

Solutions at Om Data Entry India as Your OCR Outsourcing Partner

We have a wide range of outsourcing data entry and OCR services to meet all your business requirements with comprehensive solutions.

  • Our company offers top quality and high accuracy OCR services and has accomplished many successful projects.
  • The affordable prices will save your operating costs and you can invest the same in getting core competence.
  • We have experience in working with large volumes with our flexible staffing system to give you timely delivery of results.
  • The professionals at Om Data Entry India are known for their fast turnaround time without compromising on quality.
  • Our proven methods and techniques give efficient results and high-quality OCR services with reliable outputs.
  • Customer support team is available to take care of your doubts and queries regarding our offered services within a short span of time.
  • Free trial run is offered at our company by our experts to let you judge the work quality offered for your sample project work.

Om Data Entry India offers quality driven services at competitive prices and is equipped with high security systems for data confidentiality. So, choose us as your OCR outsourcing partner today or get a quote!

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