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E-mails are an effective communication medium, which connects direct to the customer in a one way communication method. As an organization, you must be having your list of client or customers to whom you update your latest and upcoming products, services, discount offers, sales offer, etc. The list consists of contact name, contact number, address, zip code, etc. when you have more than one database consisting of customer records and want to make one master list without any duplicate records. Outsourcing mailing list compilation services to a reliable and trusted outsourcing partner is a wise decision for your company.

Outsource mailing list compilation services to a professional company for eliminating the repeating records by choosing the best and appropriate one. Illus. The one having all the details as name, contact details, address, zip code, etc. will be entered in the database. Outsourcing mailing list compilation services to India based company will give you the core competence by concentrating on main business activities and not in non-core work. If you want to plan marketing strategies and do not want to send the same piece of information many times to the same person outsource mailing list compilation work today to get a quality controlled database. Om Data Entry India is your one stop solution for all the non-core business operations outsourcing at affordable prices.

Our Mailing List Compilation Services Offered

Outsource mailing list compilation services to Om Data Entry India and get a wide range of services available at competitive prices. Our services offered are as follows:

Merge Mailing List:

We provide merging services for your various database compilations in order to perform high accuracy compilation services. Get your various databases merged into a master database for higher business efficiency and to keep the data easy to access.

Compiling Mailing List:

It is not necessary that a database of information needs to be merged for the easy operations of business, it is also essential to eliminate the irrelevant data that is not in use to the organization or industry such as old patents or left out employee data, etc. to save on the storage space and keep the database updated with fresh data. Thus, mailing list compilation services are offered at Om Data Entry India with best quality results.

Mailing List Validation:

There is always a worry about data validation in leading business, we can sort that query by offering cost affordable mailing list validation services to validate the email id available in your database and eliminate the irrelevant or wrong data from your company database to save on your time and efforts done for the email marketing work.

Address Verification:

In case of postal services or courier services, address plays a vital role to connect with the customers directly and to send them information through direct contact. Thus, our company offers address verification services to the mailing list compilation work to ensure high data efficiency and provide your business data confidentiality through secure systems.

Post Code Validation:

Outsourcing postal code verification and validation services will enhance your database through accurate data of the address of customers and clients in order to search the point of contact easily and save on the valuable time of your business operations also it will keep your database correct and concise with all the information present precisely.

Outsource mailing list compilation services to Om Data Entry India to save on your time, efforts and budget by getting superior quality results offered by an expert team.

Why to Choose Outsourcing Partner for Mailing List Compilation Services?

Sending mails are very efficient way for the communication purpose and in the business models there are many times that you send the data or information through the mails or couriers. If you are looking to outsource mailing list compilation work, then Om Data Entry India is your one stop solution. We provide you top-notch quality services by our expertise and using the combination of technology and personnel.

In the mailing list compilation service, you can avail the following benefits offered by an outsourcing partner based in India:

  • We filter your database by eliminating the records having the same information like contact name, address details, etc. and allow you to
  • Get access to experts with high expertise and knowledge that will create a database according to your business need and requirements.
  • You can have desired file formats and specific information in which the database will be categorized and there will be no duplicates.
  • If you perform the mailing list compilation task in-house it will consume your valuable time and resources which directly affect your daily business.
  • Outsource the non-core work to outsourcing partners at affordable prices based in India and focus on your main operations to get core competence.
  • We assure you 100% data security of your business data and give you high quality assurance by ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • Get tailored solutions for your mailing list compilation work as per your business requirements to avail the benefits of custom services.

As a successful data entry service provider company in India, we want to make your business achieve the desired goals and save your time as well as money. If you want to get benefited from our cost effective outsourcing services, then leverage your processing requirements and get the top quality services. So, get in touch with us today for a free trial run.

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