Media Transcription Services

Media Transcription Services

When you have audio and video file that are needed to be converted into the documents for mass media publications you have to transcript the files with high accuracy and it requires more time to get the perfect transcription done. As it is going to be on the AIR, there cannot be any errors or flaws to be found because it is a matter of reputation and market value. So, the perfect way to your solutions for fast and accurate transcription is to outsource media transcription services.

If you need to outsource media transcription services, Om Data Entry India is your one stop solution as we offer best quality results with fast turnaround time and do not compromise on the security of your data. The media transcription service includes the transcription of important documents, audio recordings, live conferences, etc. The main reason to outsource media transcription is to save the precious time and the resources that are needed in other important tasks. Also, outsourcing media transcription services reduce the operational costs up to 60% of your company so that can now spend the same in your business development projects.

Our Media Transcription Services Includes

As a leading outsourcing services provider company we have a variety of transcription services at very cost effective prices. We offer fast turnaround time and high quality services that can give you excellent results for your transcription work. Our media transcription service inclusions are as follows:

  • Feature stories
  • Seminars
  • Documentaries
  • Radio broadcasts
  • Sermons
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Lectures
  • Pod casts
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Infomercials
  • Speeches
  • Training sessions
  • Live events
  • Web casts
  • Commercial films

Om Data Entry India provides full security to your data and information shared. We are having more than 2500 satisfied clients from countries around the world and our five years of experience in this field. So, chose us your transcription outsourcing partner and get benefited.

Why to Outsource Media Transcription Services?

We have a wide range of outsourcing transcription services that need a skilled team of professionals. Thus, our expert transcribers offer customised solutions that meet your business requirement and give you higher accuracy and high quality results. When you outsource your media transcribing the work of experienced and skilled team, you can focus on your core business activities without worrying about the important transcripts as we will take your burden of efficient transcription work.

In India, there is a large talent pool of skilled and experienced transcribers, which you can hire by outsourcing to an India based transcription service provider. If you want to be at the age of the competition, you have to take care of your competitors. Thus, our efficient transcribers give you desired results within the stipulated time frames so that you can beat the rivals and be at the top. So, make Om Data Entry India your success outsourcing partner today. As your business is important to us, we use highly secure FTP server and stringent security agreements to keep your data safe and confidential. You can rely on us for all your transcription outsourced services as we assure best quality services at a very affordable price that meet your requirements.

Outsourcing Solutions at Om Data Entry India

  • High quality services are offered at our company to give you the desired results. We do not compromise on quality and thus have a quality check team to make your work error free and accurate.
  • Our experts are trained to solve all your queries related to transcription and data entry services or related to your project needs.
  • We have a flexible staffing method, to offer you a wide range of outsourcing services and without any delay in your work we cater you the best results.
  • We have proficient transcribers that can work with on large volumes and also they work overtime to give you the outputs within the timelines with the same quality results.
  • Our end-to-end transcription services includes the full time client dedication and thus we have various satisfied clients who appreciate the team efforts and quality services.
  • As per your budget, we offer cost effective transcription services so that you can save on money and get it used in the core business operations.

Om Data Entry India gives you sample run of the high quality services we say about to get your trust and it also help you know the way we work. You can contact us any time to get a quote for your transcription work and we will serve you with our best quality services.

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