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General Typing Project of Diary Notes of The Client into MS Word File

Client Profile

Our client is an individual writer from United States, having a hobby to create diary notes on a daily basis for his record. He has a collection of such notes and he wanted to have them in a soft copy version. This would make it easy for him to handle his writings and also access whichever he wants anytime. He was not able to do this typing work as it becomes time consuming and tedious along with expensive. So, he reached out to us to seek the help of outsourcing services that would help him to keep his diary notes secured in digital format.

Project Outlines

Our typing team was presented with the task of converting our client’s handwritten notes into the digital MS Word format with concise results. Our job was to type all the contents in their original agreement without any changes. We had to scan the provided notes using Adobe software to create a rough sketch of the written content and then the whole scripting was typed accordingly. Although at some points, our team had to correct the grammatical, typo errors, etc., to produce impeccable results. These converted files were then rechecked to rectify minute errors. The final complete results approved by our project manager were then submitted to our client using secure servers.

Procedure for This Project

Our typing team believes in keeping it simple. So we have an easy to follow procedure for all our typing tasks:

Step 1 -

First of all, our client sent us the PDF version of his handwritten diary notes along with the specifications we wanted in this typing work.

Step 2 -

Then our skilled experts sat down to discuss how this task would be performed, which team would be more suitable for such project and which tools will be used.

Step 3 -

After that, our typists start their typing work, with an average speed of 40 wpm, with equal precision attained from the best typing applications.

Step 4 -

These files are again examined by the project manager and then they are submitted to the client via FTP servers through the requested mediums

Step 5 -

The final impeccable results were submitted to the client through secured FTP servers after a final round of quality analysis.

Problems and Their Solutions

One of the main issues in handwritten typing projects is the handwriting of the client. Sometimes the cursive writing becomes difficult to interpret as the English language has many similar looking words. Our typists have to check look ups for such situations and also follow their instincts to make out the proper content. The universal language of English has many dialects and words from various origins. This increases the ambiguousness in deciding the proper spelling or grammatical form of a specific word. Also the PDF files might not have all the pages scanned correctly and in the same order. So our experts have to sequence them and process them using special software.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor systems to get easy access to both the source and Word files
  • Use of high-end technology for high precision results
  • Cost effective prices of all our typing services for your outsourcing budget
  • Flexible staffing methods that help us to complete even the bulk volume projects on time
  • Tailored solutions based on our client’s specific needs and expectations

Client’s Benefits

Our client wanted his diary notes to be easily accessible and secured in his database. For this he was not able to use up his time and money. Our outsourcing services helped him in this task by reducing his workload and expenses while offering more than the expected results at the same time. Also, our tailored solutions gave him the perfect digital diary notes he was hoping for. We offered him an easy to access collection of his notes according to the dates and time by carefully arranging themsequentially. Our secured servers protected his personal data with utmost care as well.

Review from the Client

We sent our first batch of the project before the stipulated time frames and received encouraging reviews from the client. He was quite satisfied with the quality of the typing work. He found no grammatical or typo errors in any of the files. He was impressed with our competent typing team for their efforts in completing this project in a short time. The use of technical aid to get proper results was also admired in his feedback. He also outsourced the rest of his typing work to our professional typing team and recommended our services to others.

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