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Online Typing Services at $4/Hour

Running a booming business means having hoards of data and files enter your system regularly. Also, you need to manage and organize them as per their necessity in your work. The data in their paper format might become more complex to handle and so, experts suggest converting them into digital format with the help of data typing. For specific documents requiring internet accessibility, online typing services come in handy. Typing your important files on an online destination will secure valuable data and help you in managing it as well.

Hiring a professional in-house will take up your time and space, not to mention the increase in your operational costs and that’s why outsourcing, online typing services is a better solution for both your core and non-core business functions. Om Data Entry India is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and steadfast online typing company based in India, offering you affordable prices for all data typing solutions. Our professional team of data typists has trained over time while working with our clients from across the world in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, etc. You can also avail of the benefits of our affordable services by merging our different services such as Online Transcription Services, Online Data Entry Services, and Online Data Collection Services, etc.

Our Online Typing Services Include

Every business is different and we understand the needs of all our clients. Our flexible working methods allow us to offer you the following variations of our online typing services. We perform online typing of:

  • Business brochures and cards
  • Leaflets and catalogs
  • Printed documents
  • Survey forms
  • Educational notes

Tailored Solution: Our creative team is always ready to cater to you results that match up to your business needs and can even provide customized results as per your specifications. Just contact our customer support team and let us know how we can serve you.

Here is How We Do Online Typing Services

We complete our online typing services with a predesigned workflow that easily guides us to excellent results. The step-wise procedure is as follows:

Receive the Project -

First of all, we receive your project details and the necessary documents required for the typing work.

Analyze the Details -

Then, our experts examine the project specifications and select the perfect tools and techniques for the same.

Start Typing Work -

With the best tools on hand, our skilled typists start the typing work with minimum errors and speedy results.

Quality Control -

The completed files are then sent to the QC team for final evaluation and rectification of any errors.

Final File Submission -

The final completed files are then sent to you via secured data transfer servers well before the deadlines.

Why Outsource Online Typing Services in India

Online documents make your work easier with their easy accessibility and adaptability. Getting your documents typed can get tedious if you have piles of data in different formats. Outsourcing online typing services is the best option for you in terms of business management. Save your valuable time, space, and money, which you can invest for a better purpose. Your resources now don’t have to waste their time after such non-core activity and can focus better on their field of expertise.

Hiring a professional in-house can create unnecessary disturbance in your workplace and alter your routines. Outsourcing reduces such havoc by offering you end-to-end results without any hassle. You can get access to an extended team of typists without having to own them. The pocket-friendly services will help you save up to 60% on your outsourcing budget. India has a huge talent pool from which you can easily choose the best outsourcing partner for your company and get desired solutions at the best rates.

Om Data Entry India - Your One Stop Outsourcing Solution

We can serve satisfactory results to our clients because of our experienced and skilled team of data typists. Our company offers you the following and many more reasons to choose us as your outsourcing partner:

  • Quality oriented results in proper formats
  • Higher level of accuracy provided by the best QC team
  • The fast turnaround time gives you core competence
  • Fast turnaround time to give you core competence
  • Cost-effective rates to save on your budget
  • Working capability across different formats and platforms
  • Professional typists with experience and immense typing expertise
  • Sophisticated technology and upgraded online typing equipment
  • Strict measures for data security and business confidentiality
  • Flexible staffing methods for bulk-sized projects
  • Personalized solutions as per your varied needs

Get the Free Trial Run of your sample online typing project and check out our working methodology and service quality before outsourcing the whole project. Contact our customer support team to know more about our best-in-class online typing services and get the best quote today!

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