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Book Typing Project of Converting the Client’s Paperbacks into Word Files

Client Profile

The client was a publishing house owner based in Korea. He has been working in manuscript publishing and is trying to indulge the use of technology for his business development. Use of digital book formats has taken over the publishing industry so, our client also wanted to try his luck. He wanted his manuscripts to be converted to the latest book formats with proper accuracy and concise results. Outsourcing typing services to us helped our client with the ease of handling his other business operations while having experts to do his book conversion work.

Project Outlines

Our client’s typing work was to be done from paperbacks which he sent us directly via courier. These books were then processed and scanned by our team to convert in Adobe Readable formats. After that, we started the typing work from the scanned photos into the latest eBook file format. The manuscript format books made it tricky to decipher some words and handwriting. But, our expert typing team worked their way inside out this project and completed the book typing work well before the decided deadlines. Also, we had to organize the manuscript pages according to the content without reference page numbers. The formatting, editing and verification process was completed with high-tech tools and applications only. The final Quality Checked files were then submitted to the client through secured servers after the project leader’s consent.


This typing project had a bit different procedure as we had to deal with hard copies of the handwritten books and then start the typing work:

Step 1 -

First, we received the client’s hard copies of the books, through courier. These books were then scanned and processed into our systems using the best conversion software.

Step 2 -

These scanned copies were then analyzed and their image quality enhanced so that the content was perfectly visible and legible. Easy look ups and spelling correctors helped in this task.

Step 3 -

After this, we started the typing work into the format requested by our client. Our professional typists worked round the clock to complete the task with quick TAT.

Step 4 -

Then, this typed files were sent to the QC team for cross verification process to achieve 99.9% accuracy. Latest grammar and typo error correcting tools were used resourcefully for this project.

Step 5 -

The final impeccable results were submitted to the client through secured FTP servers after a final round of quality analysis.

Problems Solved

This project had to be started with scanning every page of the client’s books and that was the first problem solved by our team. The pages needed to be scanned thoroughly without missing any one in between. The writing was light in some pages and scanning all pages in readable form was quite difficult,although our team’s efforts overcame this issue by using latest scanning techniques. Then, the typological and grammatical errors were solved to create error-free book formats. We also created an informal index for the client to navigate through the contents of his book and verify the order of its pages.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor systems for ease of access to both source and destination files
  • Smart look ups and auto correct options inbuilt in the typing software
  • Flexible staffing methods to finish the project before the stipulated time frames
  • Several QC rounds performed on the files for different verifications before final approval
  • Secured servers with firewalls to ensure safety and confidentiality of your business data

Client’s Benefits

The client’s main purpose was rigorously fulfilled as our processed images were up to the mark. He achieved such images without having to invest in all the equipments or hiring a professional in-house. His resources were also happy to work with our provided images, as they were in the proper file formats and also easy to access. Our team had mid-project client interaction which kept our client updated about the project’s progress and also could solve the queries in real time. Our secured and safe workplace ensured him about the security of his business data. He saved his time, money and space by outsourcing his image enhancing services to Om Data Entry India.

Project Feedback

Once we sent the first batch of the retouched images, we received quite satisfactory feedback. The client was happy how we included all his requirements in the images. He was also content with the tailored solutions offered by our experts. Our quick turnaround time helped the client to handle his imagesefficiently. He encouraged our editing team for their efforts and first-class results. He has outsourced such image enhancing projects to us since then and also recommends our services to others as well.

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