Dictation Transcription Services

Dictation Transcription Services

Sometimes reading is preferred over listening in audio recordings for convenience in understanding. But every time you are not going to have the written formats of the required audio. This creates trouble and you are not able to get the work done you want to. But you may not be capable of creating transcripts of the audio or video files. So, outsourcing dictation transcription services have become the best solution of your problems. Om Data Entry India provides you with excellent quality of transcription services to solve your problems regarding the transcription of recordings. We provide you with the high accuracy results of transcriptions of required audio or video files. Our professional transcribers are trained to transcribe even the most complex audio or video files.

In India, there are many reliable and trusted data entry outsource service provider which offers a wide range of transcription and data entry services. As a result of this, you will be able to focus on the core business activities and get relief from the tedious work yet important to the business data. There are lots of presentations, meetings, interviews going on in the business house. The different files and formats are needed to be converted into the documents that are handy and easily accessible to keep the data manageable.

Thus, outsourcing the audio or video files of your business data to a reliable and trusted outsourcing partner based in India is a smart decision one can make in the profit of business operations. It gives access to the skilled team of professionals and outsourcing the same will save on both cost and efforts. The business operations are needed to be recorded on the daily basis and thus it gives a greater pace if you outsource the extra work, which needs skills and expertise like transcription.

Process of Dictation Transcription Services

If you want some audio files of yours to be converted into documentation form, you can just outsource your work to Om Data Entry India and get the best in class transcription services at cost effective prices. Outsourcing the transcription services has become very convenient with the help of internet. You just need to upload your recorded files to our secured FTP server. After that our expert transcribers will analyze the files and start to make the transcriptions keeping in mind the punctuation, grammar, and other lingual precisions. The completed files are then cross checked by our QC team and final files are sent to you through our servers or by email attachments.

Benefits of Outsourcing Dictation Transcription Services

Reading the transcriptions of audio or video recordings makes it easy for you to understand the purpose of the recordings. For this it becomes important that the transcripts are accurate and clear to understand. This accuracy can be achieved by expert transcribers only. You cannot afford to hire transcribers on your own. Thus, outsourcing dictation transcription services provides you the access to a skilled team of transcribers who give you best quality outcomes. Also, you are offered with the services at very affordable prices. You get your work completed within the stipulated time frames. If you are having the transcripts of the important recordings of your work or something else, it will be easy for you to find the required material without wasting time in hearing the recordings. Outsourcing dictation transcription services to a reliable transcription service provider company like Om Data Entry India is your one stop solution for different problems regarding transcription.

Online Transcription Services of Om Data Entry India

  • High quality: The transcribers in our company provide great accuracy and quality with their expertise in transcription of audio or video recordings.
  • Quick turnaround time: Our professionals provide you with quick turnaround time without compromising the quality of the work.
  • Cost effective prices: Our services are of cost affordable prices to save you on your budget.
  • Use of latest technology: Our experts use the advanced technology for better results and easy to understand transcripts.
  • Security of your data: We use the secured FTP servers for the transfer of files so that the data remains confidential.
  • Customized solution: Our experts with their experience and expertise provide customized solutions for better outputs.
  • Customer support team: The customer support team at Om Data Entry India is always ready to solve your queries and problems.

Get a quote of our excellent services and get benefited by outsourcing to Om Data Entry India. Try the free trial run at our company or get in touch with our customer support team.


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