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Market Research Transcription Services

For any business development and advancement, it is very essential to get the detailed reviews and responses of the products in the market. The business plans and decisions depend on the researchers’ reports. Thus, it is very essential to get the correct research information and the data collected must be perfect in terms of accuracy and quality. The wise decision to convert the market research data in the appropriate form and format is to outsource the work to a reliable market research transcription services company.

At Om Data Entry India, we offer cost effective services that suit your outsourcing budget and also reduce the operational costs up to 65% or more. Thus, it saves you on resources, money as well as time. When you outsource the market research transcription services to an India based transcription service provider you are assured to get the top-notch quality services, with high accuracy and fast turnaround time. Also, you will be able to access the transcription experts and that will serve you better results. Get the perfect outsourcing solutions for your research transcription work today and contact our customer support team for more.

Our Market Research Services are as Follows

Om Data Entry India is a globally leading company in providing the outsourced transcription services. Our skilled team of professionals offers you a wide range of transcription services within market research transcription which include:

  • Telephonic interviews
  • One on one interviews
  • Disabled access audits
  • Telephone survey campaigns
  • Group discussions
  • Product research clips
  • Conferences
  • Building survey reports
  • Opinion polls
  • Workshops
  • Advisory board meetings
  • Structural reports
  • Business meetings
  • Competitor analysis sessions
  • Seminars

We have an experience of over five years in working with clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., and have come across various projects with most complex task. We are proud of our dedicated team to achieve the desired goals. We believe in delivering timely results to meet your business requirements.

Procedure to Outsource Market Research Transcription Services

Our transcription team has crafted a proper stepwise workflow to manage the transcription projects and get to the perfect results on time:

1. Get the Files -

First of all, after you approve the free sample, we receive the project details from your end in your convenient format.

2. Examine the Data -

Then, we analyze the data and select the appropriate formats and tools for the transcription work.

3. Start Transcription -

Our transcribers work upon your project and get highly accurate files done within the predefined time scales.

4. Quality Check -

The completed files are then sent through rigorous quality control stage to reduce the errors and get 99.9% accurate results.

5. File Submission -

These perfect files are finally sent to you in your requested formats via our secured FTp servers.

Why to Outsource Market Research Transcription Services

  • The main reason to outsource is to get the transcription work done by a professional that gives the maximum output with minimum efforts.
  • The operational cost reduces due to the affordable pricing of the outsourcing services that an India based transcription service providing company offers.
  • We have a variety of advanced tools that make the transcription more effective and reliable to be at the edge of the competition.
  • In market research, the data gathered is too large to be processed in-house and thus is it better to outsource the large volume of work for the transcription to get the desired results on time.
  • The work can be done within the stipulated time frame and this will assure the time for the quality check and revised scan to make it 100% error free.
  • When you outsource the data entry work to a reliable outsourcing partner, your data is kept secure and confidential, so there is no need to worry about the security of data.

Outsourcing Advantages at Om Data Entry India

  • The wide range of transcription services with more affordable pricing
  • High quality and high accuracy services with quality check reports
  • The team of talented and skilled professionals to deliver the desired results
  • Customer support that gives global reorganization for timely services
  • Fast turnaround time to be ahead of all competitors and focus on core business
  • Flexible staffing method challenges the scalability and is able to work on a large scale
  • Free trial run to check the quality of work and get the best outcomes on time
  • Customized solutions that provides the effective results and meet the business requirements
  • We offer a free trial run so that you can check the quality of our work by sending us the sample of your project and get the best quote for our outsourcing transcription services.

Get in touch with us today and get a quote, find solutions to all the queries related to transcription services and choose us your reliable and trusted outsourcing partner today.

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