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Interview Transcription Services

Interviews are an essential function of a company to build up its workforce and strengthen the core team. You need to keep them documented for future reference as well as for employee records. As the interview format depends on numerous factors, it is not advisable to let your company staff perform interview transcription work. Professional transcribers know their way inside out complex transcription work and you will be relieved of this vital task at quite reasonable rates.

Are you looking for a reliable outsourcer to transcribe the interviews taken in your organization? Om Data Entry India is the right place for all your top-quality outsourcing transcription results. Our India-based outsourcing interview transcription service company enables you to get the expertise and experience of skilled professionals. The best way to get the tedious and important work done by the experts is not to own a professional, but to outsource the work to a leading transcription service provider and leverage their resources at affordable rates. Contact our customer support team for more information.

Interview Transcription Services offered at Om Data Entry India

Our company offers a wide range of transcription services and world-class quality interview transcription services to help your business be at the edge of the competition. Our outsourcing interview transcription services include:

  • Informational interviews
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Roundtable interviews
  • Research interviews
  • Lectures on a subject
  • Psychological interviews
  • Business interviews
  • Celebrity interviews
  • University interviews
  • Webcast interviews
  • Job interviews
  • Audition interviews
  • Teleconferences

You can feel free to ask for specific requirements from our team and we will get back to you with high-end tailored solutions. The skilled team at Om Data Entry India has worked with clients from across the globe in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., and so assures you of the highest quality results.

Why Outsource Interview Transcription Services in India

The effective way to get the interview transcription done with high quality and accuracy is to outsource the transcription services to a trusted and reliable outsourcing partner. In India, there is a large team force available with the topmost skills and talent to deal with all the queries and complexities related to the interview transcription work. The main benefits of outsourcing are that it reduces the efforts of the company and at the same time, it reduces the operational cost.

With this, you can focus on the core business operations and invest precious resources and time in the main business work to beat the competitors and be at the competitive edge. Outsourcing transcription services is a secure task as the outsourcing partner keeps your data safe and secured to win the trust. The professionals performing your transcription understand all the procedures so the services are provided with a fast turnaround time. Thus, it is a wise decision to outsource the interview transcription services to a trusted transcription service provider.

Interview Transcription Packages We Offer


In this type of interview transcription, no editing is done and the interview is transcribed by the professional transcribers word to word as uttered throughout the interview. This requires skilled personnel to perform the listening and transcribing work with great accuracy and quality. The template for this is decided by you or suggestions are crafted by our creative team. We assure you to give top-notch quality services with all kinds of interview transcription work.


Here, in this type of interview transcription service, we provide detailed information, removing the unnecessary part of the interview. Thus, it requires listening and understanding the essential points of the interview and thereby sequencing the edited interview to give the best quality output from the interview. This will reduce your storage issues as the unwanted data is eliminated. Our company has achieved a great experience in transcription services and our experts can deal with almost all kinds of transcription queries.

Solutions of Outsourcing at Om Data Entry India

  • Cost-effective services that match your budget and requirement
  • Wide range of transcription services that fulfill all your business needs
  • High-quality results to beat the competition and get top-scored rankings
  • End-to-end services that make communication strong and effective
  • Advanced tools and methods to reduce the efforts and provide reliable output
  • Skilled team and experts that have deep knowledge and experience
  • Full-time customer support to keep in touch and provide solutions around the clock
  • Customized solution to meet the business requirements and optimize database
  • Flexibility that gives a variety of services according to the expectations you set
  • Scalability to work on a large volume of data regardless of the time taken
  • Free Trial Run for better understanding before the final project
  • Confidentiality to keep your business data secured and confidential

Get the best quote for your interview transcription services today and contact us to get more information. Try our Free Trial Run and understand our working process in detail before commencing the final project.

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