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Running an entertainment show, conducting conference business meets, or handling a radio station gives better results if you have a backhand audio typing partner for all your audio-to-document conversion work. It is quite essential nowadays to have your audios typed in a specific text format to easily access the details and data important for your business. This way you can easily manage your future performance and take reference from the previous records.

Om Data Entry India is an ISO certified 9001:2015 certified and the most trusted and promising outsourcing audio typing company based in India. Our professional team has immense experience in working with global clients from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, etc., with satisfactory solutions in timely deliveries and quality-maintained outputs. Outsourcing to us will be the best decision for all your audio typing service requirements.

Our Best Audio Typing Outsourcing Solutions

Audios can be from many different niches and have different formats. We value the versatility of each business and serve them with what they desire in top-notch quality. We offer the following audio typing inclusions:

You can also contact our customer support team if you have any other requirements, and we will serve you with the results above par.

How Do We Perform Your Audio Typing Project?

Our professional audio typists have crafted the perfect procedure to reach standard results within the stipulated time frames. Here is how we do it:

Receive the Project -

After the approval of the sample file, we get the audio files in whichever format is convenient and understand your project requirement.

Process the Audio -

Then, our expert team works on the audio file to alter the speed and volume quality and make the typing work effortless.

Typing the Audio -

With proper tools and software, our typists start to work through your audio files and create impeccable documented results.

Quality Control -

The completed files are then sent through rigorous quality check rounds to rectify any errors and create a higher accurate final product.

File Submission -

The finished files are then approved by the project manager and sent to you in your specified format via our secured FTP servers.

Why is Outsourcing Typing Projects in India the Best Option?

Audio typing services are quite tricky projects in terms of different language accents and background noise disturbance. These factors make this simple task a tedious one. India has a huge number of talented young workers having immense knowledge and adaptability. Their client dedicated working skills are the reason for the outsourcing industry to blossom here. Easy availability of typing equipment and working shifts per different time zones are just contributing factors for you to choose Indian audio typing companies as your outsourcing partner.

End-to-end results at affordable prices are what India-based outsourcing companies offer to their global outsourcers. Om Data Entry India offers you all such facilities, ensuring high data confidentiality and timely deliveries of the best results. Our typed documents will make it easier for you to search through your records for data when needed and help you sort and manage stuff quickly. You can also focus more on your core business operations while keeping an eye on the back-office operations simultaneously.

Benefits of Outsourcing Audio Typing Services at Om Data Entry India

Our company offers you numerous reasons to choose us for your audio typing services and here are a few of them:

Quality Driven Solutions -

The cost-effective and high-quality audio typing services are the soul of our company. We guarantee top-notch quality results because we trust our quality check team.

Comprehensive Solution -

Outsourcing to Om Data Entry India will get you customized solutions as per your business model. We will be pleased to help you with any of your outsourcing queries.

Fast TAT -

The quick turnaround time assures timely completion of the work that gives you the core competence among your competitors.

High Confidentiality -

Our company offers the best level of security to your audio data and keeps the business data confidential so that you are relieved of data loss or damage.

Save Upon Budget -

Typing services can increase the cost if performed in-house and thus outsourcing audio typing at affordable rates with us will save a lot of your operational budget.

Free Trial Run -

Be the own judge of your outsourcing partner and try our Free Trial Run to check for yourself our service quality and audio typing results.

Get a quote for our budgeted audio typing services or contact our customer support team for more information. Avail of the proficient and precise typing solutions here at Om Data Entry India!

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