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eBooks are the digital equivalents of our traditional paperbacks with a touch of modernity and a wider approach toward the readers. Every publisher today has the vision to reach out to all its potential audiences and eBooks are just the solution to that. Nowadays book lovers are altering towards digital book reading devices like Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook devices, etc., as they are more compatible and resourceful. As a result, publishers must convert their books into eBook file formats, and they must do so effectively.

Om Data Entry India is ISO certified as one of the top outsourcing eBook conversion company in India and offers you the best eBook conversion services to create the digital version of your books and increase your popularity among the next generation of e-readers. As a leading best eBook conversion company, we will solve your problems of revenue and technology which are essential for any eBook conversion services. Outsource to us and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results.

Versatility Offered by eBook Production

Because eBooks are widely available over the internet utilizing popular devices such as tablets, iPods, laptops, desktops, and reading-dedicated devices, Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, etc., the demand for eBooks is growing by the day. People find reading books on their handheld devices well-suited rather than having a whole library of books they love. In this situation, book publishers and authors must have an electronic version of their books in order to gain popularity and maximize earnings. Such devices also give them access to audios, videos, interactive slide shows, puzzles and quizzes for kids, night mode, bookmarks, pop-ups, footnotes, etc., which enhances their reading experience. They can even access their contents online and modify, edit and format them easily in the future. All these are enough to understand why you need to publish your books through the eBook file formats and convert your books into digital format today.

Our Range of eBook Conversion Services

With the difficulties we've faced with each new project, the quality of our services has improved each time. This has made our experts capable of performing all types of eBooks conversion services from every input and output file format:

  • HTML/XML to eBook format conversion
  • Quark to eBook format conversion
  • PDF/PPT to ePub and ePub3 formats conversion
  • InDesign to eBook/Kindle format conversion
  • Manuscripts, printed pages or images to Kindle Fire (HD) format
  • RTF files to enhanced and interactive eBooks and the list goes on endlessly
  • KF8/MOBI format (application files, PDF and Word document, scanned pages, custom XML), with high-quality standards and in quick turnaround time
  • Nook fixed-layout format and conversion services
  • Convert PDF to flipbook

Our best eBook conversion services not only are known for their quality and accuracy but also due to their affordable eBook conversion rates. Our creative team is ready to give you tailored solutions for your varied eBook conversion requirements. We even cater to our clients with outstanding results who wish to outsource ePub conversion services or HTML conversion services.

Book Conversion Solutions Offered by Om Data Entry India

Our Company has expertise in paperback to eBook conversion services owing to the highly proficient data conversion team we possess. We can convert your books into any file format such as PDF, Word formating, HTML, PPT or for the digital book publishing platforms like Mobi, ePub conversion services, reflowable eBooks, read-aloud and fixed-layout versions of eBooks, Microsoft Lit, and any other formats you require. We will even create custom solutions for you by mixing features from several eBook formats to meet all of your needs. With our cutting-edge equipment and processes, we can provide reliable results to our clients in the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, etc., and you will be delighted with the prompt outcomes. Our professional eBook conversion services have successfully provided outstanding solutions for a range of devices, including Amazon's Kindle, Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Nook Tablet, Nook Color, and other major eReader platforms like Apple, Google, Android, etc.

Get Beneficial from Our Professional eBook Conversion Services

If you're wondering why Om Data Entry India is the top eBook conversion company, don't need to go further! here are some reasons to comply with:

Updated Technology -

Our experts make use of the latest technology to efficiently convert your books into eBooks by proper use of tagging, CSS software, metadata functions, etc., to enhance its features.

Best Quality Services -

Om Data Entry India never compromises the quality of our work and this has made us achieve what we are today. We keep the consideration of our clients our top priority and perform the conversion services to fulfill their needs and expectations.

Affordable Services -

Our affordable services are the results of the right pricing model we maintain for all our clients and this has helped us maintain long-term business relations.

Highly Skilled Team -

The skilled team of conversion specialists is trained to complete the given assignments within the deadline and provide you with quick TAT.

Data Security -

Our confidentiality agreements and secured FTP servers ensure the safety of your data while transferring or accessing it.

Customer Support -

Our customer support help desk is always there for you to solve your queries regarding any of our services.

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