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Interview Transcription Project for Records of Potential Employees and Future References

Client Profile

Our transcription team was approached by a successful businessman managing a number of resources at once in his UK based company. He wanted his HR team to function efficiently with regards to the new employees. For this he wanted to transcribe the interviews taken for new recruitments and store them for future reference. He was searching for a reliable outsourcing partner who could provide him best quality transcription service at affordable rates. And his search ended in Om Data Entry India. Our skilled transcribers were prepared to offer him complete outsourcing solutions that match his business model.

Project Summary

Our client simply defined the project aim to us as transcribing whatever the recruiter and candidate were speaking with proper spelling, grammar and minimum errors. We were given the audio recording of the interview taken by our client’s company. The interviewer’s and the candidate’s name were provided to us so that we could differentiate who was speaking in the audio.This was to be transcribed into a Word file with specific details as pauses, coughing, laughing, etc., included in the interview. We then verified this completed file with our Quality Check equipments and the final files approved by the project leader are sent to the clients.

Process Followed By Experts

Our transcription team is quite experienced in this field and they are able to simply mould into any conditions presented by our clients with this simple process:

Step 1 -

First, we receive the audio files from our client in their specific file format along with the necessary details and requirements of the client.

Step 2 -

Then, our experts go through the audio files to understand their audio quality, format changes (if any), and transcribing applications to make the necessary modifications as needed.

Step 3 -

After this, our transcribers start the transcription with the use of high-tech equipments and with first class accuracy due to their expertise.

Step 4 -

The final files are then passed to the QC team to check any grammatical, typo or spelling mistakes and rectify them to create error-free results.

Step 5 -

We then submit the final files back to our client in their requested format through secured FTP servers before the deadlines.

Challenges Solved By Our Team

The main challenge in any transcribing audios is the audio quality and clarity of speech. Our team had to enhance the sound quality through various latest sound manipulating tools available in the market. Another necessary aspect is the audio file format. Some formats are not compatible with the special transcribing software. For this, we have to change the file format given by the client according to our needs and then start transcription. The interviews sometimes have some complex technical terms discussed which we have to look up on the search bars to get precise results. All these shortcomings were easily tackled by our experts and the final results were perfectly matched up to our client’s expectations.

Quick Actions

  • State of the art technology to achieve seamless outcomes
  • Flexible staffing methods to reach the attempted targets
  • Use of high quality headphones to enhance understanding of the audio recordings
  • Quick TAT to get you customized result as well

Client’s Advantages

Our main aim was to offer the first rated transcription services, we are known for, to our client as per their special requirements. We provided our client with tailored solutions to reach higher levels of service offerings. The client was able to apprehend the main points of interview from our transcription and use them to improve the recruitment process in his company. For this work, he didn’t have to spend his valuable resources. He got expected results without disturbing his core business operations and saved his time and money as well by outsourcing to us.

Feedback from Client

Our transcription reached up to the mark as per our client reviews. We were happy to receive the encouraging reply of our transcription services. Our on time delivery of results and security of data impressed our client. He was satisfied with the quality of the results along with the personalized outsourcing solutions offered by our competent personnel. He was able to access such professionals without actually investing upon them and this feature of outsourcing helped him a lot. He wanted to work with us for more projects and gladly recommended our services to others.

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