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Performing Data Entry from PDF to Excel File for Creating Database of Candidate’s Resume

Client Profile

Our client is an employee of a big recruitment company based in USA/UK that provides a platform for job seekers and employers to come in touch with each other and fulfil their purpose. They receive huge numbers of resumes on a regular basis and required professionals to help them out with the dilemma to record all the data of resumes they collect and make a master database for future references.

Client Requirements

The objective of the project was to enter resume data in PDF file format into excel sheet with all the details captured precisely. Our client was emphasising on contact details as well as qualification criteria as they required the same for future recruitments. The aim was to collect and enter data from resumes in PDF files such as bio-data, contact details, address, education, qualifications, experiences of candidates, age, gender, reference details, etc. Also the data needs to be validated to avoid false or wrong data entered into the database.

Project Summary

The main purpose of the project was to split PDF files as per client’s requirements and get all the invoices separated for uploading them in online systems and get them processed further for quick invoice or billing processes. It requires high concentration and skills to split PDF with high accuracy and give them results within the stipulated time frames and to be uploaded precisely in their database.

Project Requirements

  • To enter data into database from PDF files of resumes.
  • To find all the details present in the CV and format the database accordingly.
  • To validate the data entered by cross verification from various sources.
  • To categories data as per the client requirements for smooth data retrieval.

Process to Perform PDF to Excel Data Entry Work

Step 1 -

We received resumes of the candidate’s in PDF file format by the client along with their project requirements.

Step 2 -

The team of data entry operators performed data entry from PDF file into excel spreadsheets with high accuracy and fast turnaround time.

Step 3 -

Our professionals perform quality check round to ensure error free data entry of resume data into the client’s database.

Step 4 -

We perform data verification for doubtful entries and also format the database as per the client requirements.

Step 5 -

Once the data are collected and database if formatted, we submit the excel file to the client for supervision and feedback.

Challenges Faced

  • For every single resume, the data available was different and very difficult to categorize.
  • Some of the resumes were missing out on basic details such as contact information.
  • In many resume files the data was difficult to read and collect that information.
  • Formatting of a database and arrangement of candidate details was also a challenge.
  • Many times, the team had to perform data verification work for doubtful cases.

Solutions Given by Team

At, Om Data Entry India we were able to resolve all the queries and find accurate solutions for challenges faced. Our team was very skilled and trained to perform data entry work from PDF file into excel and used shortcuts and smart methods to meet the client’s deadlines. The project was accomplished with error free database delivered to the client on time.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitors for quick and accurate data entry work.
  • Data entry operators performed smart data entry techniques.
  • Use of smart attributes to sort resume data.
  • Smart tools used of data entry systems to perform with accuracy.
  • Flexible staffing used for bulk volume operations to meet deadlines.


The client was very happy to see the results delivered within the turnaround time by our team as he was able to save on his time and money without compromising on quality of work. It became easy for the client to retrieve resume data for future operations and do not have to store those PDF files of resumes for data of candidates. The file format also impressed the client and he appreciated the team for their hard work and smart results, he is continuing to outsource us with the same work.

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