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For Permissions and By-Laws of Societies Our Team Did High Accuracy Legal Documents Data Entry Work

Client Profile

The profession of our client is a lawyer and currently he is working on the legal actions and bylaws of the societies to perform required legal operations against law violations. He is based in Australia and he is sharing this work with his wife. They are professionals and required documentation of all the legal business rules and regulations for executing their actions. Our client is having experience of several years in this profession and he outsourced as a result of their business expansion.

Project Summary

The bylaws project consists of legal document data entry from PDF files into word documents as per the client's requirement. These word files are edited with a set format pre designed by our client and again we have to convert them as PDF files. These word files and PDF files of legal regulations are used as a legal proof and thus it needs to be highly accurate. It required word formatting and index preparing for the given files along with legal documents data entry work.

Project Requirements

  • It required high accuracy and high quality results with zero errors.
  • Creating index for each PDF file to make easy retrieval of legal data.
  • Removal of unwanted data from PDF files while converting it as word file.
  • Converting legal data into a word file for editing the legal actions as required.
  • Images in the documents also required editing and conversion in word file.
  • The edited final word files are again required to be converted as PDF format.

Process to Perform Legal Data Entry Work

Step 1 -

Our team of data entry operators collected legal document data in a PDF file for understanding client's requirement of legal data.

Step 2 -

Om Data Entry India team performed best quality and high accuracy data entry work through reliable tools and equipments within time limits.

Step 3 -

Once the data entry of legal documents was done, we performed a quality check of typed legal documents to deliver error free results.

Step 4 -

We delivered the final file of legal documents, data entry work through secure networks and in the desired file format.

Step 5 -

We requested our client to provide feedback on our services and send their suggestions on our work, as we believe in scope of improvements.

Challenges Faced by Om Data Entry India Team

  • Major challenge found was the uneven file conversion of images into word.
  • Preparation of index on basis of document was quite a challenging task on hand.
  • Legal documents required high attention on various legal terms and legal formatting.
  • Typing of legal documents was time consuming in some cases for lengthy documents.
  • Editing of images from PDF documents and conversion of them in word files was difficult.
  • Formatting of word documents as per client's requirement was very critical task.

Solutions Given by Our Team

We developed smart solutions to perform this legal document data entry work and our team at Om Data Entry India accomplished the project successfully. There were techniques used to convert data from PDF files into word files and smart actions were used to perform document editing work. The images were converted with high resolution results delivered. We executed the project within the stipulated deadlines and results were satisfactorily delivered to the client.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitors used for quick and accurate data entry work.
  • We used smart tools for file conversion and image editing work.
  • Experts found smart tools for document indexing work performance.
  • Data entry operators performed smart data entry techniques.
  • Flexible shift timings to perform work and meet client deadlines.
  • Word formatting tools to deliver error free legal document files.


Om Data Entry India executed the project successfully and delivered high accuracy and high quality results to our client. He was very happy and satisfied to see the results and he appreciated our team for performing this project with the same consistency from one year. We are still working on this project and deliver legal document data entry work results with error free data files. Our client also suggested to other companies that they should outsource their work at Om Data Entry India team.

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