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Hiring Firms Required Resume Formatting Work for a Systematic & Accurate Candidates Database

Client Profile

Our client is the owner of a recruitment agency in the UK that gives a common platform to job seekers and job provider to come in contact with each other and fulfil their common purpose. His firm receives huge numbers of resumes on a daily basis, and he was not able to record the details as well as sort them for future operations. He has a wide network of companies and employment sources to cater the services across the UK.

Project Summary

Our client required all the resumes or CV’s to be formatted and converted into a single company made format for easy data extraction and filtering of data. He gave us a set format pre-designed by the company and asked us to convert all the PDF files of resumes in the given format. The client format was word based and other formats of resumes were available in PDF format. It required unified and accurate data entry of resume data from PDF or any other format in a word document.

Project Requirements

  • Collection of data from resumes in PDF files as per clients specification.
  • To enter data from PDF files into word files with high accuracy.
  • Formatting of word file in the given format by client with high precision.
  • Validation of data entered by cross verification from main sources.
  • To record data into excel file of all the resumes or CV’s formatted.

Process to Perform Resume Formatting

Step 1 -

Our team received resumes of the candidate’s in available file format given by the client along with their pre designed word format.

Step 2 -

The expert operators performed resume formatting work from different file formats into symmetric word doc with high accuracy results.

Step 3 -

We performed data entry work for data collection of candidate’s resume details and maintain the database as per client requirements.

Step 4 -

Our team was expert in doing quality check process to avoid minute errors and corrected them immediately.

Step 5 -

Once the word files of resumes or CV’s is formatted and recorded, we submitted the files to clients within the stipulated time frames.

Challenges Faced by Om Data Entry India Team

  • For every single resume, the data available were different and difficult to format.
  • Some of the resumes were missing out on basic details such as contact information.
  • In many resume files the data was difficult to read and to get required information.
  • Formatting of word files and arrangement of candidate details was also a challenge.
  • Many times, the team had to perform data verification work for doubtful cases.
  • There was extra information provided in resumes that was not easy to fit the client’s format.

Solutions Given by Our Team

Our company has a strong team of data entry operators that possess skills and expertise in performing resume formatting work of complex resume files with various formats. They were able to deliver results requested by client within the given time frames and offered high quality results. Our team gave smart solutions to all the above mentioned difficulties with use of their experience and expertise. The work was finished on time with all the results delivered as per requirements by the client.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitors for quick and accurate resume formatting work.
  • Data entry operators performed smart resume formatting techniques.
  • Use of smart attributes to sort resume data.
  • Smart tools of word file systems used to perform the project.
  • Flexible shift timings to perform work and meet client deadlines.
  • Word formatting tools to deliver error free resume files.


After seeing the formatted resumes the client was extremely happy and satisfied with the results. He was amazed to see the perfection in work and completion of work within the stipulated time frames. Our client was highly impressed with the methods used and said “it would not have been possible the same way, if they would have performed the task in-house”. He promised to outsource more work in the future and thus we are still working on his projects of resume formatting work.

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