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Updating Client’s Company Directory and Publishing News and Events Posts Regularly

Client Profile

A popular online news and company guide web-portal was searching for a reliable outsourcing partner who would deliver high-end results as per their needs. The clientis from US and is dealing with all categories of businesses around the world with an enriched directory of the same. Along with this, the website publishes recent events details taking place everywhere, providing complete information about them. It also provides a platform to companies for advertising their specific services and other details. The client required a backhand help to manage all this website data, so that he could focus upon the core business operations.

Project Outlines

The client mainly wanted a full time backhand handling resource for his website. The project comprised of publishing event details from all over the world with information like date, venue, purpose, contact details, etc. The classified section of the website included ads from different companies or individuals for specific purposes. The client needed handling of these ads, maintaining their visibility, deleting spam posts from unauthorized users andediting the already visible posts. The directory of companies was also to be maintained and updated regularly by adding and deleting companies accordingly. All this work was then needed to be recorded in a separate record sheet for future references as well. Our experts worked with theirabsolute potential to cater all these services with first rated results.

How Our Experts Performed This Project?

The project’s complexity never became a hindrance to our skilled team and we were able to serve our client with maximum accuracy as always:

Step 1 -

First of all, we received all the necessary information about the project from the client in its suitable format. The client then explained the project with the minutest details and his expectations from it.

Step 2 -

Then, our data uploading team crafted the best possible way to ease the project’s workflow and started working on it consequently. First, the companies which were to be uploaded in the directory were added with proper details and category.

Step 3 -

The event catalogue and classified division came next, as a lot details were required in them both like customer’s name, address, time, featuring details, visibility handling, images, etc. All these were uploaded in suitable formats as per the client’s requirements.

Step 4 -

We also kept up client communication amidst the project to eliminate minor complications, according to the client’s needs. This improved our business relations and trust factors with the client as well.

Step 5 -

The daily work status was recorded in a status report for client reference as well as maintaining work flow for the team.

Problems and Their Solutions

The project consisted of several steps requiring expert technical and web developing skills. Our competent resources were capable enough to rectify most of the errors, but some cases required client’s guidance to reach precision. The images in some events were not incompatible formats and needed to be converted with the help of photo editing apps. Some of the information for companies and classified ads were incomplete as well, which caused some problems while editing the directory. Also, in countries there were no events available for specific dates and that caused error in the website’s database. All these problems were overcome by the quick problem solving skills possessed by ourproficientteam.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitor systems for better understanding of information.
  • Regular updating of technical equipments for better results.
  • Flexible staffing methods to complete bulk volume projects on time.
  • Cost effective services with best in class quality driven results.
  • Dedicated resources handling one project at a time for focused outcomes.

Benefits for Client

The client needed a backhand help for all his online technical operations. Our services have helped him to process the business information more efficiently andswiftly. The client also received innovative, personalized ideas for his web portal which proved to be very resourceful to his company. Our quick turnaround time benefited him to ask for mast minute changes in the details without staggering the workflow. He was also able to redirect his budget towards enhancing his infrastructure due to our economical rates of best-in-class services.

Client’s Feedback

Once the first few upload was published online, we received very encouraging feedbacks from the client. He was happy to see how we matched up to all his expectations and offered better quality of results. He affirmed that the precision in editing and improving the already existing posts and their visibility management was worth appreciating. He was satisfied with the regular interactions with the team leaders for constant progress report and other queries. Our services impressed him a lot and he has been outsourcing other such projects with us since then, giving us a chance to serve better than the previous one every time.

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