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Om Data Entry India Team Searched Profiles From LinkedIn To Create Accurate Corporate Database

Client Profile

He is a manager in the core team of a big organization based in the UK. Our client was looking for various company data along with employ details for recruitment purpose and to collaborate with other companies offering the same products and services as our client was delivering. He was focused to collect the data in order to save time looking for highly professional candidates for the management level posts vacant in their organization. So, he decided to outsource the non-core operation of data collection from LinkedIn to our team.

Client Requirements

The requirement of the client was to get data on various companies offering the same services and products they are offering to collaborate with those firms. The task was related to data collection of profiles from LinkedIn platform and gather information such as their job designation, years of experience, domain, company name, no. of employees, address, contact details, zone or area, size of the company, annual turnover, etc. to figure out various aspects of the company and their employees.

Process for Data Collection Work

Step 1 -

Our team gets all the details to be collected along with a specific list of companies and employee categories as per client requirement.

Step 2 -

We execute the task of data collection from LinkedIn profiles with the help of our own login details or client’s login if they provide us with the same.

Step 3 -

The professional data entry operators are always ready to deliver results within the given time frames and perform error free work results.

Step 4 -

Once the data collection work is accomplished, our team performs quality check round and corrects the errors if found during the process.

Step 5 -

To make the client’s satisfied and deliver standard results, we submit the work within stipulated time ranges in required file formats.

Challenges and Solutions

Om Data Entry India team faced all the challenges to accomplish this project and also made efforts to meet the client’s deadlines. Major challenges were to find the complete details of companies and candidates required by the client in the given format. There were some issues with LinkedIn criteria to use the account for profile search but our team somehow managed the consequences and was successful in providing the required details to the clients. We used various tools to collect the information about companies and other data as required for the project. Along with tools, we used techniques to complete the work within the time frames.

Why to Outsource Us for Such project?

  • We use dual monitor systems for accurate data entry work.
  • Experienced staff at Om Data Entry India has years of experience.
  • Our team uses smart data entry techniques for efficient results.
  • Project completion was achieved within the given time frames.
  • High security systems to protect client data from loss or damage.
  • Cost effective prices offered for the project saved on the client’s budget.

Client Reviews and Comments

Our client appreciated our team for best performed web data collection work from LinkedIn profiles. He was able to save on time and money also they got results with all the required details and were very happy to get the necessary details for their work operations. The profile data was accurate as we delivered latest updated information that was very useful for them. They outsource the work regularly as and when they require details from LinkedIn and trust our expert operators for executing their business operations.

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