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Collection of Product URL’s from Various eCommerce Platforms for Online Trades

Client Profile

Our client is based in USA that provides product comparison and promotional services for global customers to search for their required products and compare them with other products available in the market and there gets benefited.

Project Summary

The objective of the project was to search for various products and collect their URL’s relevant to given product details like SKU number, product title, category, brand, price, specifications, etc. for building a transparent and reliable platform for customers purchasing those products. The details for collected to give a comparison platform to end users.

Process to Perform

Step 1 -

We received a list of products and accordingly search on a given list of URL’s from the client side.

Step 2 -

The web researcher’s team analyzed the required details and see to it that the searched products match clients given criteria of specifications like prices, SKU number, product title, brand name, etc.

Step 3 -

Our team performed web research for required products as per client specifications and instructions and enter data into the required format.

Step 4 -

We performed strict quality check process to ensure error free database of clients.

Step 5 -

The searched and collected data was sent to clients through their given specified communication portal.

Challenges Faced

  • For every single product to be found, we searched with all the attributes such as SKU number, product title, price, brand name, etc. that was very time consuming.
  • There were some conditions and criteria had to be fulfilled for the product data collection given by clients and had to be taken critically.
  • For some product details collection team had to perform a Google search with one of the parameters to find the rest of the details.

Solutions Given by Team

Our team was very skilled and trained to perform web research work with high efficiency and completed the task within short span of time by using their web research skills.

We strive to perform web research of products within the given deadlines without compromising on quality and accuracy of web research work.

Quick Actions

  • Dual monitors for quick research.
  • Web research with smart attributes.
  • Smart tools used of data entry systems.


Our team exceeded client’s satisfaction by performing web research of required products and giving them all the details required within the time lines and with high accuracy high quality results. Our services were within the budget of a client and he was able to save a lot on their current operating costs.

  • Best Quality
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