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Transcription of Client’s Therapy Sessions with His Customers into Word Files

Client Profile

Our transcription services have helped a successful psychological therapist from USA in managing their daily therapy sessions and their clients as well. We were approached by our client with the requirement of transcribing his daily therapy sessions he had with his various clients to maintain their records and examine their conditions for future references. He has a quite tight schedule and was unable to complete this work himself, so he opted for outsourcing services as Om Data Entry India happily satisfied his needs. Outsourcing these services to us reduced a major burden off his shoulders so that his business could functionproficiently.

Project Details

The client provided us audio recordings of his therapy sessions and our task was to simply transcribe them accordingly. We first had to differentiate the voice of the therapist and the client along with some assistants. Then, remove the background noises or such unwanted interruptions like laughing, coughing, yawning, etc. The final file of transcription only had the main conversation between those two people. Our expert transcribers put in the grammatical, pronunciation and vocal corrections wherever necessary. They also included specific punctuations to notify our client about the feeling of his client in that particular sentence. Finally, we sent these files to our Quality Check team who rectifies the significant changes. The final thumbs up received from our project manager approve the files to be submitted to the client through secured servers.

Process for the Project

Our competent transcription team has a simple yet fulfilling procedure worked out for projects of this sort to achieve the expected results quickly and precisely:

Step 1 -

Firstly, our client mails us the necessary files of his therapy recording in the suitable audio format along with necessary details like special medical terms and such things.

Step 2 -

Then, our transcribers analyze the files samples, change the format and improve the audio quality if required, and gather the essential tools and software for high quality transcription work.

Step 3 -

After that, the transcription starts and audio files are converted into text documents, with properly organized scripting and error-free transcribing.

Step 4 -

These files pass through several QC rounds for verification of grammar, spelling, typos, punctuations, etc., and then 99.9% accuracy is achieved.

Step 5 -

Our project manager finally checks the files and submits them to our client via the requested medium well before the stipulated deadline.

Problems and Their Solutions

Transcription projects generally have some common issues like the quality of the audio recording, distinct accent of the voices, background disturbances; low and high pitch mixtures, etc. These challenges are easily tackled by our team using the perfect tools like audio format changer and sound quality enhancers. Also,we use the best set of headphones to improve the interpretation quality of our transcribers. Our transcribing team involves many operators each having great listening qualities so that different pitches and accents can be understood clearly.These shortcomings do not ever stop our professional team from catering the best class services to our clients.

Quick Actions

  • State of the art technology and upgraded audio software
  • Latest methodologies regarding text files to improve linguistic excellence
  • Pocket friendly rates of the best resultsthat save a lot of your outsourcing budget
  • Flexible staffing systems to handle bulk volume projects
  • Secured FTP servers equipped with firewalls to maintain confidentiality and safety

Client Benefits

Our client wanted to transcribe his therapy sessions to take into account the progress of his customers and their therapies. Written records helped him to process the sessions in detail and prepare for future references as well. Outsourcing transcription work to us helped him to focus on his core business operations while having expert transcribers work for him simultaneously. He received his desired results without hampering his business routine. He saved his money, time and space with our value added transcription results. Our personalized solutions also helped him in handling his transcription files efficiently.

Feedback to the Project

After we sent the first batch of the transcription results, we received quite encouraging reviews for the same. Our client was happy with the efforts of our transcription team for their satisfying work. He was delighted with the accuracy of the transcription with proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and interpretation of voices. Our quick TAT helped him to process the given files and make necessary changes before putting them into use. He was eager to continue outsourcing projects with us and also recommended our work to others.

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